Well, this was just a hard hitting sick as hell show and tour, with just a brutal lineup of metal and thrash. Well, back to Soundstage for some metal mayhem. Up 1st was BLACKBRAID from the Adirondack Mountains of NY who were just sick. Featuring Jon Krieger BLACKBRAID just played a set of dark / evil metal with sort of a tribal feel. Jon Krieger was like a metal medicine man casting a spell of black metal. the band haunting sound gave off a CRADLE OF FILTH, MAYHEM feel with a dose of black / folk metal. The set included songs like… the spirit returns, the river of time flows through me, and more. Love to find out more on this band. Next were 200 STAB WOUNDS from Cleveland, Ohio who just kicked out some brutal shedding metal with just an insane feel of speed metal, hard rock, blk metal, death metal, and horror metal this band just got sick like VOMIT FORTH, GATECREEPER, The pit went nuts over these guys, plus the one guy in the band wore a MENTORS style hood for extra points. Well, 200 STAB WOUNDS just kicked out the mayhem on such songs as…. fatal reality, skin milk, itty bitty pieces, and more. Fuck Yeah! time for CATTLE DECAPITATION who just tore it up with some brutal, raw, powerful grinding death metal that was full of rage and pure raw power. Well, this San Diego band featuring the powerful vocals of Travis Ryan who is just a madman on vocals. Well, Cattle Decapitation just ripped out some metal terror and old supporting the record ” Terrasite” 2023 out on Metal Blade Records. But Cattle Decapitation just played a set of extreme metal that was full of mayhem. The powerful set included songs like… the carbon stampede, we eat our young, finish them, bring back the plague, and more. Well, fans of extreme bands BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, SUFFOCATIION, PIG DESTROYER will love this band as well. Just pure sick metal with a destroy it all feel. Closing out the night of metal madness were the dark / evil ones from Stockholm Sweeden DARK FUNERAL. Well, DARK FUNERAL who been at it since 83′ were amazing. Featuring original member Lord Ahriman on guitar and singer Heljarmadr on vocals since 2014. Well, DARK FUNERAL are out supporting the 2022 record “Apocalypse out Century Media just played a killer set of dark, evil, scary as Hell metal of just sweet and evil dark death metal that also had a theatrical side as well. But, DARK FUNERAL played a great set that included such 666 blasphemy anthems as…. nosferatu, hail murder, my funeral, goddess of sodomy, let the devil in, and more. Well, DARK FUNERAL reminded me of bands like… King Diamond, Cradle OF Filth, Mayhem, just a bad ass sinful show. (BW)


1st off thanks going out to the OTTO BAR staff, GBH, MDC for helping out a lot love this club and these bands. Up 1st was LUXURY TEETH from Baltimore, MD featuring Dave Homeowner on vocals from the band COPSTABBER just played a strong set of punk rock. Next the LA band called NIIS just blow me away and reminded me some of TEXAS TERRI, SUZY MOON, and the Midnight Creeps, just a bad ass band. MDC just kicked out the classics like… i remember, dead cops, john wayne was a nazi, i hate work, born to die, my family, dicks for brains, and more. On some of the songs the singer from the TX band ELECTED OFFICALS came out and sang with Dave. Well, GBH just tore it up. Fucking great seeing GBH again playing Baltimore and the band still put on a powerful show. Well, GBH played all the hits and some newer ones as well like… diplomatic immunity, time bomb, sick boy, generals, give me fire, city baby attacked by rats, and more. Still a great band and great friends (BW)


Just some quick updates in the TOXIC FLYER ZINE front. Looking to put out some print version of the zine in the coming months already have 2 or 3 in the can. updating the Etsy page, may move things over to another seller site. Still looking for cool bands, artists, people to interview, Also working on a photo book from the 82-90 print film era. to request us to interview your band or review a show write us here TOXICFLYERZINE@msn.com or send stuff to review here TOXIC FLYER ZINE C/O BILLY WHITFIELD PO BOX 39158 BALTIMORE, MD 21212

We review music, (punk, metal, death metal, hardcore, glam, alternative, rock, black metal, ska, industrial, loud stuff, pop rock) thanks Billy 2/23

TOXIC FLYER ZINE update 8/2022

lost a photo page but adding a newer one also added an event page. working on updating the site probably in Oct or Nov. still working on getting out some print version of the zine as well I have 3 in the can now. Hopefully i can ink some live interviews for the zine / YOU TUBE site. thanks

Junk June 2022

We are still alive and kicking somewhat. hopefully we will have a few print issues out soon, actually sitting on 3 of them now. looking for a printer.

need to order one go to the esty page search TOXIC FLYER ZINE. see you in the pit.

junk 2-22

welcome to 2022 TOXIC FLYER ZINE is still alive after a few years of Covid lockdowns. we hit a few shows many reviewed on here. ok issue 52# the all metal photo print issue is still coming out also issue 53# soon after will have the FANG interview and more.

the YOU TUBE channel is still kicking search TOXIC FLYER ZINE where you can find all the interviews with bands and more collection videos we’re still looking for more shows to review and bands to interview… punk, Goth, metal, hardcore, alternative, sleazy, rock, death metal ect. also love to interview artist, skater, photographers, scene people, tattoo folks, models, performer, ect.

well thanks for the support look for more print issue, you tube stuff, add to this site and a long update to this website. .

Sept 2021

back again after not having much to write but in almost 2 years. well 2 new print issues should be out between a few weeks and the end of the year. but photo issues one being an all metal one with another being an all punk one. With another with interviews and stuff.

also should be posting a FANG interview on YOU TUBE soon, that interview will run in the 2022 issue with more TBA later.

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