OK time for some fucking metal… Well a few really good bands opened the show and got things started. REVOLATION played just a great set, touring to support the Metal  Blade Records release of ” Great is our Sin” REVOLATION just unleased an assault of power and just raw metal chops on songs like… theatre of hate / bound by desire / the hives / witch trials and more killer songs. Next were SUFFOCATION who been tearing things up since 88′ well this band from NY Long Island just blasted out a sound of rage and power that mixed hardcore, metal, death metal, and grindcore for a sonic blasts. featuring Terrance Hobbs and Derek Boyer this band is still a force in the metal scene. Well SUFFOCATION played such songs as… thrones of blood / funeral inception / return to the abyss / catatonia / your lasts breath and more killer songs. this was just a killer show. (BILLY WHITFIELD reviews / pixs)


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