Ok, this was just an amazing show all around. Up 1st was ex KMFDM member En Esch and his solo project EN ESCH who had the same feel as KMFDM with that killer industrial dance sound and killer vocals from En along with a female singer as well, pretty good stuff. EN ESCH songs included…. do me, live and let live, juke joint jezebel, godlike, and a few more. Next were one of punk rock / goth / death rock gods CHRISTIAN DEATH who i seen a few times before, played a killer set of old and newer stuff. Valor Kand is still a great frontman who put on a killer show along with Maitri who sings as well plays guitar. Well CHRISTIAN DEATH just played another great show, really love how the mics are cover in flowers like almost a romantic feel or a funeral. But this CA band are just a killer band with a long history in the punk, goth, dark wave, death rock scene and still playing excellent shows. look for an interview in issue 47 of the print zine, and check you tube as well for the uncut interview. COMBICHRIST were fucking killer, this band is just insane live and very powerful nihilist punk rock metal industrial roll with a full of chaos sound. Well COMBICHRIST features the madman vocal of Andy La Plegua and my buddy Eric 13 on guitar and just the out of control drumming of Joe Letz who came out in drag and just destroyed it (in a cool way) this bad just fucking kick ass.

Well one of the worlds most sexist bands were next LORDS OF ACID who kicked out a non stop party of killer hard edge dance beats to an industrial rock rampage of sex, sex and rock n roll. Well featuring the vocals of Mea Fisher this band got the party started with such songs as… voodoo u, young boys, taste my honey, she and mrs jones, lover, out comes the evil, rubber doll even throwing a doll into the crowd, pussy inviting girls to come up on stage and go wild, and i sit on acid, and more killer songs. Well LORDS OF ACID are just killer live with a lot of energy and power. also the keyboard playing of Praga Khan if just mindblowing keyboarder who rock the keyboard like a guitar. But all an all this was just a killer show, probably one of the top 5 all year. thanks to Speak Easy PR as well as Christian Death (Valor) and Eric 13 (CC) this review will also run in the print issue out soon. (BW)

Photos are LORDS OF ACID (Billy Whitfield) other bands photos are posted on the photo page.

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