the next issue of the zine is due out in late June/July (Print issue) with THE PROLETARIAT / CHRISTIAN DEATH / BARB WIRE DOLLS / NATIONAL RAZOR FDIC that issue #47 will have copies on the ETSY page.

Also just posted the BARB WIRE DOLLS interview on YOU TUBE adding the CHRISTIAN DEATH one this week search TOXIC FLYER ZINE

misc LIVE reviews

On 1/30/18 went to the SIDE BAR for a cool little show featuring DOUBLE DRAGON, JEFF CAREY, MARYLAND MASION, DJ BASTET, and GYNA BOOTLET who kicked out some killer stuff, basically her with a samplers doing some sweet noise meeting performance art, somewhat like LYDIA LUNCH / NO TREND, just killer stuff. ON2/17 another SIDE BAR show with a killer line up with…Baltimore’s own charged punk machine SYRINGE kicking out some DISCHARGE style punk. next were COMPLEX doing up some more punk, ALL TORN UP from NY did more hardcore / metal style reminder me somewhat of the CRUMBSUCKERS very good, think the band said something to piss off someone, but i must have missed it. RATS IN THE BASEMENT were killer. this CA band plays just in ya face punk rock with a F-MINUS feel (the one guy was in F-MINUS) meeting TILT. Missed PEARL who i heard were good. 3/11/18 At the DEPOT had BANTH a cool metal band, SHADOW WITCH featuring Doug E Beans ex MURPHY’S LAW on drums played a mixer of Metal and hardcord that was bad ass. BUZZARD CANYON featured a female singer played a hard and tight set. Also in Feb saw a killer metal band called METANIUM who were just bad ass and heavy. On 3/8 finally saw IRIS DIVINE @ the DEPOT who were very good indeed. (BW)

photos RATS IN THE WALLS  / GYNA BOOTLEG (photos Billy Whitfield)

BLACK SAGE / HIDE 4/14/18 METRO GALLERY BALTIMORE, MD OK this was a killer show DRONE THEORY had sort of a goth to JOY DIVISION feel very good, BLACK SAGE played a haunting and powerful set, somewhat with a GYNA BOOTLEG feel using samplers and killer vocals. NOCERE also played a cool set and HIDE were really good with a dark feel, the singer had somewhat of a banshee feel and powerful vocals, wish i got the record, maybe next time. ( BW)

photos….. HIDE   and BLACK SAGE (Billy Whitfield)