Not dead yet Summer /FALL 2021

What going on friends YES TOXIC FLYER ZINE is still alive and kicking, hope to have a new print issue of 2 out soon. they will be all photos issue with maybe some reviews. Hopefully we can score some interviews. well a few interviews are on the YOU TUBE channel search Billy Whitfield or TOXIC FLYER ZINE

hope with shows picking up gain we will start adding more reviews here and putting stuff on the Twitter page so PLEASE send us stuff to review, shows and those interviews requests (WE’RE ALL VAXS) but yeah, we’re still love review PUNK, METAL, HARDCORE, GOTH, INDUS, ALT COUNTRY, ALTERNTIVE ROCK, SKA, GLAM, ROCK N ROLL, POP, and also love interviewing skaters, street artists, alt artists, drag, ect write us hope 2 see you at a show soon.

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