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photographer / zine editor / this site is for TOXIC FLYER ZINE we cover punk / metal / glam / rock n roll / cosplayer / goth / and more. Billy W a photographer who been covering the music world since 82 and shooting bands ever since. and models since 2013

Not dead yet Summer /FALL 2021

What going on friends YES TOXIC FLYER ZINE is still alive and kicking, hope to have a new print issue of 2 out soon. they will be all photos issue with maybe some reviews. Hopefully we can score some interviews. well a few interviews are on the YOU TUBE channel search Billy Whitfield or TOXIC FLYER ZINE

hope with shows picking up gain we will start adding more reviews here and putting stuff on the Twitter page so PLEASE send us stuff to review, shows and those interviews requests (WE’RE ALL VAXS) but yeah, we’re still love review PUNK, METAL, HARDCORE, GOTH, INDUS, ALT COUNTRY, ALTERNTIVE ROCK, SKA, GLAM, ROCK N ROLL, POP, and also love interviewing skaters, street artists, alt artists, drag, ect write us hope 2 see you at a show soon.


ISSUE 51 out now as well as issue 50 both photo issues. hopefully should have issue 52 out on more pro paper waiting to get it printed soon another photo issue called the METAL ISSUE. hopefully with things slowing down with covid i can start interviewing and reviewing shows again. anyway should have a few more t shirts / records videos popping up on the YOUTUBE channel and maybe a skateboard one as well.

so please send stuff for review zine, records, clothing, skatedecks and skate gear, books, movies, art ect also putting stuff together finally for a photo book covering the 80’s film years. well TOXIC FLYER ZINE not dead yet.

issue 51 outsoon / junk

issue 51 of TOXIC FLYER ZINE is due out next week another mostly all photos issue with some music / zine reviews as well as an interview with CHESTY MALONE and the SLICE EM UPS

also laying out my photo book with photos from 82 to 89 film era.

looking to work with a new printer for more pro looking zine, and adding videos to the YOU TUBE channel as well thanks for the support in 2020 . (note all orders will take a bit longer due to covid and usps issues) also adding a few things to the ETSY page in Feb 21


Hopefully after the craziness in the world today, TOXIC FLYER ZINE should have 1 or 2 issues out and ready to sell. next issue 49# will feature DAYS N DAZE, SUBHUMANS, THE KRAYS, and maybe one more. Issue 50 will probably be an all photo issue.

THE YOU TUBE page is adding stuff so please check it out… Billy Whitfield or search TOXIC FLYER ZINE

See you at a punk or metal show soon

August 19 update

next issue of TOXIC FLYER ZINE print issue out this week with LORDS OF ACID cover and Interview. also check out the Lords of Acid interview now on the You Tube search Toxic flyer zine. issue 49 will feature a Krays interview and more tba later, look for a preview on the you tube channel this week. thanks for the support.