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MORE METAL…… This time another killer show at the OTTO BAR, actually my 3rd show in a row. Well again some really cool locals band opened the show. LO-PAN from Ohio kicked out some hard pounding metal with just a bad ass feel. KARMA TO BURN who been tearing things up since the late 90’s played a killer set, boy been like 10 plus years since the lasts time I seen this band forgetting how cool this guys were. Well K2B just play ass kicking rock n roll with hints of metal, stoner rock and some acid added in with just an all instrumental fury with a lot of mayhem. Well one thing I always dug about this band how the songs titles are numbers. and K2B played such songs as… 8, 36, 19, 61 and more. Just think COC meeting ZEKE without vocals. Well DC/MD THE OBSESSED featuring metal legend Wino Scott Weinrich who is somewhat like Lemmy , just a metal god. Well Wino also played in other great bands like… ST VITUS, SPIRIT CARAVAN and more. But THE OBSESSED been tearing things up on and off since the 80’s with just a pure evil sound of metal. Well tonight the band played such songs as…. sacred, razor wire, street side, sky bones, and more off the new album “Sacred” and more classics. Well this band just blow out a mindfuck of metal, stoner, punk, rolled in one powerhouse sound that still kick ass. Well actually had a killer time and great meeting a few fans who came from far and near. Well I seen THE OBSESSED many times, one of my favorite’s was at the LOFT in Baltimore the DIY punk club with SLAYER and  COC. still a killer band. (BW)


OK time for some fucking metal… Well a few really good bands opened the show and got things started. REVOLATION played just a great set, touring to support the Metal  Blade Records release of ” Great is our Sin” REVOLATION just unleased an assault of power and just raw metal chops on songs like… theatre of hate / bound by desire / the hives / witch trials and more killer songs. Next were SUFFOCATION who been tearing things up since 88′ well this band from NY Long Island just blasted out a sound of rage and power that mixed hardcore, metal, death metal, and grindcore for a sonic blasts. featuring Terrance Hobbs and Derek Boyer this band is still a force in the metal scene. Well SUFFOCATION played such songs as… thrones of blood / funeral inception / return to the abyss / catatonia / your lasts breath and more killer songs. this was just a killer show. (BILLY WHITFIELD reviews / pixs)


more news 5/21/17

more new reviews coming this week, also will posts short interviews from pasts interviews in the coming weeks. yup guys putting a few photos together for that long over due book, not sure to make it 80’s to 90 or 80’s to 2004 the print years.

new print issue of TOXIC FLYER ZINE will feature an interview with the Oslo band Riots the uncut interview is up now on YOU TUBE search TOXICFLYERZINE or TOXIC FLYER ZINE also have a MDC, GOVERNMENT ISSUE up as well,