BALTIMORE COMIC CON 2022 CONVENTION CENTER Well, this 3-day comic con may not be as big as mostly, but just a cool. I went 2 of the 3 days the event featured some well-known and not so known people in the field. saw a few really cool cosplays as well as some killer art. Still a cool convention that’s coming back somewhat since the covid shutdown. (BW)

ODDITIES WORLD FAIR BALTIMORE 2022 Ok, went to this event a few times at the Lord Baltimore Hotel, now at a much bigger space this event featured venders, performers, and tattoo artists only was there for a while but saw a lot of cool stuff. Hopefully next year will have more acts. worth checking out. (BW)

MARYLAND DEATH FESTS 2022 EDISON LOT BALTIMORE, MD Ok, only did Saturday and Sunday Edison Lot shows of this 4-day mega metal fests. Here’s a list of some of the bands I was able to catch… DRAWN AND QUARTE played some dark and evil death metal that was hard hitting. D&Q played a killer set that included songs like.. deliverance, carnage atrocity, age of ignorance, and a bunch more. CARDIAC ARREST out of Chicago played a killer set as well. CEREBRAL ROT played a strong set. ENFORCED just destroyed the stage with some hard pounding thrash metal with that crossover feel and hints of speed / industrial metal as well. the band set included songs like…kill grid, the heat, blood ribbon, wrtain, and more. NOVEMBER DOOM another IL thrash band just tore it up with a sound that also had hints of Goth, doom, and death metal. IMPRECATION st8 out of TX ripped out some 666 death metal. Well ONSLAUGHT just took it up with some punk fueled metal. Well this band started around 82 playing a mixer of punk, metal, dbeat chaos that still powerful. think killer punk meeting metal with a lot of speed. ONSLAUGHT set included…let there be death, sound of violence, a perfect day to die, power from hell, and more. A bunch bands played, but I was zonk out.  DAY 2 another nice day got to catch SACRALEGIA who got sick with some 666 metal all the way, with a nihilism feel of MAYHEM / VEMON killer stuff. DIVINE  END were cool. A band who I was waiting to see were next NUNSLAUGHTER  who just blow me away with some 666-thrash metal meeting punk rock machine gun style metal with a bullet flying punk sound. the set included the following timebomb songs… cerebus, in the graveyard, fuck the bastard, mother cunt whore, devil metal, and more. this band was worth the trip alone. NOCTURNUS AD featuring an ex MORBID ANGEL member played a good set with more of a progressive metal side. BLOOD INCATATION played a cool set of more psychedelic metal. DEMILLICH a killer Finnish death metal band played a great set. Well DESTRUCTION was 100% awesome, this band just blow me away. Well, this old school meet gods from Germany just ripped out some powerful metal that have hints of punk, speedcore, thrash, hardcore, death metal, and metal. This band are one of Germany’s big 4 of metal and played a great set including songs like…. curse the gods, death trap, mad butcher, release from agony, thrash till death, and more. Just a treat seeing these guys play. Well, this was just a killer weekend, only wish I was able to hang out longer and see more bands. (BW)

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