KNUB / EYE FLYS / BRAIN CAVE / CONSUMER CULTURE 2/17/23 METRO GALLERY Up 1st was the local band CONSUMER CULTURE who played a killer set of 90’s style punk with hints of a DC thing meeting BLACK FLAG. with a guitar drive sound. BRAIN CAVE from Ohio played a good set as well, with a noisy 90’s posts punk meeting hardcore sound, nice. EYEFLYS just tore it up with some loud and hard-hitting music that had a metal, punk, sludge, feel think BLACK FLAG meeting CROWBAR. KNUB just played a killer set of powerful music that had that 90’s feel with hints of BLACK FLAG to FUGAZI with just a powerful buzz. (BW)

SOULFLY 2/16/23 SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD Finally getting to see the mighty SOULFLY. Up 1st was SCISSORFIST from MD who played a killer set of punk meeting metal with a heavy feel, BOUND BY THE GRAVE from Baltimore just kicked out some evil death metal with skill crashing vocals. HALF HEARD VOCIE played a good set of metal with a mixer of nu metal, progressive, and punk with both melodic and rage. BODYBOX from Fla just got insane with some sick n twisted punk, death metal, metal with sort of a GG meeting DEATH ANGEL feel. Well, SOULFLY was just a spiritual experience of metal madness. Featuring Brazilian metal legend Max Cavalera   SOULFLY just delivered a killer show of power. Well, SOULFLY sound is just a mind-blowing mixer of punk, metal, rock, thrash, Brazilian rock, just a fury of fire. Well, out supporting the Nuclear Blast release of “Totem” 22 SOULFLY just tore up the stage playing a long list of songs including… back to the primitive, no hope no fear, filth upon filth, tribe, refuse/resist (Sepultura), wasting away (nailbomb), bleed, jumpdafuckup, and more killer sings. Just a killer show and witnessing this band was more of a spiritual thing. (BW)

EXHUMED / VITRIOL / ESCUELA GRIND / CASTRATOR 11/29/22 METRO GALLERY – BALTIMORE, MD Fuck yeah! metal time my 1st shows in a few weeks. And time to let off some stream. Up 1st was CASTRATOR who are a NYC based band, but with members who are from all over. Well CASTRATOR just played a killer set; this all-female band just tore it up with some power and rage with just brutal assault of death metal / metal. ESCUELA GRIND from MA is quickly becoming a new favorite band. Featuring the vocals of Katerina who is just a metal mad person on stage, this band just brings power, loudness with a sound that have everything from punk, hardcore, metal, death metal, thrash. Fans of GEL, ZULU will love this band as well. the new record “indoctrination” is just killer. VITRIOL out of Portland, OR just unleased some killer extreme metal full of chaos. Well time for the CA band EXHUMED who just tore it up. Well, EXHUMED who been around for years now featuring Matt Harvey just gave the crowd a dose of metal that included thrash, metal, gore, speed, punk, and heavy metal. This is just a killer band too see live and the visuals on the tv monitors work well. This band just play the kind of metal I love gore, horror, and speed. EXHUMED touring on the new killer record “to the dead” on Relapse Records and played a killer set that included songs like… drained of color, defenders of the grave, playing with fear, coins upon the eyes, limb from limb, open the abscess, living after midnight (Priest cover), and more. Just a killer show. (BW)

WAR ON WOMEN / CANCER BATS / SPACED / BLK VAPOR 12/3/22 METRO GALLERY Back at the metro this time for some punk rock. BLK VAPOR from Baltimore played a cool set of punk rock with a sound / style that reminds me of TRIBE 8, THE MUSLIMS, BIKINI KILL just cool stuff. SPACED were just amazing with a powerful hardcore sound with hints of punk that had a GEL, SCOWL feel, love 2 see them again. CANCER BATS just tore it up with some rage and power and more loudness. This was my 1st time seeing them in many years. CANCER BATS played a killer set that included songs like… hail destroyer, gatekeeper, rats, bricks & mortar, road sick, and sabotage (Beastie Boys cover), and more. Well WAR ON WOMEN 1st Baltimore hometown show in years. Well WOW just played another great set of punk rock, glad 2 see them again. (BW)

SCOWL / BRAT (DYSTROY) / DIVE BOMB / ANKLEBITER / RESTRAINING ORDER 10/26/22 METRO GALLERY – BALTIMORE, MD This was just a sick ass punk rock / hardcore show that left me feeling good. BRAT (DYSTROY) from Baltimore just ripped out some evil ass machine gun punk think DISCHARGE / AUS ROTTEN with more of a hardcore backdrop. V vocals are just so vicious. Well before BRAT got off the stage members of JIVE BOMB came up and did a quick fasts and powerful set of just brutal hardcore. ANKLEBITER a sXe band from the northeast area just blow me away. ANKLEBITER fronted by Rachel whose vocals are just hard and brutal with that old school feel with hints of GEL, ALL OR NOTHING HC just killer hardcore. The set included songs like…hc4hc, red tones, not 4 you, pearl, and more. RESTRAINING ORDER from MA were evil, just killer mid 80’s style hardcore like TOKEN ENTRY, UNDERDOG, YOUTH OF TODAY, NYHC / DCHC power. Well RESTRAINING ORDER just had that killer fasts action hardedge hardcore feel just made for stagediving. Well, SCOWL from Santa Cruz is back in town, seen them a few months ago. Well SCOWL just played a killer set. Fronted by Kat Moss who is just a powerful frontperson who reminds me of Theo (LUNACHICKS) to Renae Bryant (ALL OR NOTHING HC) along with the rests of SCOWL just destroyed the stage with some brutal hardcore and did a killer set that included songs like…  retail hell, fuck around, blood hound, dead to me, wired, and more. Well, SCOWL is quicky becoming one of my favorite’s bands, Well worth checking out and getting a boot to the head. (BW)

WEDNESDAY 13 9/22/22 @ SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD Ok, even with a small turn-out this was just a killer show. Well, the 2 opening bands were pretty good. LUMBERJACK had that hard alternative rock sound and BAG OF HUMANS reminded me somewhat of GREEN JELLY. Finally getting a chance to see WEDNESDAY 13 again, lasts time was here a few years ago on a bigger tour. Well, WEDNESDAY 13 just played a sick set of evil rock n roll of horror sickness. On this tour WEDNESDAY 13 played a killer set covering his hell-bent career from Frankenstein Drag Queens, Murder Dolls, and Wednesday 13. The set lists included songs like….bloodsucking mf, scream baby scream, i want you dead, walk with a zombie, bad things, die my bride, bad things, and more just wished the band played I Love to say FUCK. But, anyways seeing WEDNESDAY 13 play is just an evil treat of metal, punk, horror, glam, and rock n roll. Think Alice Cooper, The Misfits, GG (somewhat) Manson. Just killer rock n roll. (BW)

THE SUPERSUCKERS / ELECTRIC SIX 9/28/22 MERTO GALLERY BALTIMORE, MD Another killer show down at the Metro. Well, up 1st was THE SUPERSUCKERS who just tore it up with some evil rock n roll. This band always bring some hell raising rock n roll to town whenever they play. Well, tonight’s set included killer songs like… evil powers of rnr, rock n roll singer (AC/DC cover), creepy jackalope eye, born with a tail, pretty fucked up, rock your ass, i want drugs, dead jail (Micheal Monroe cover), and more evil songs. Great seeing those guys again. I was only able to catch a few ELECTRIC SIX songs who are still fun band to see live. Well, ELECTRIC SIX just mixes alternative rock, disco, new wave, punk, metal, 70’s rock, rock n roll, yatch rock into one sexy rock n roll sound. Olny wish I was able to catch the whole set. (BW)

HOLY FAWN / ASTRONOID / DESIGN FLAW 9/8/22 METRO GALLERY – BALTIMORE, MD Ok, this was a killer show with 3 great bands. Up 1st the WDC band Design Flaw who had somewhat of a WDC early 90’s feel meeting post HC/punk feel as well. But Design Flaw kicked out a sound with a heavy to melodic feel with hints of dark wave as well. Next were ASTRONOID who just blow me away with a sound that mixed noise, alternative rock with hints of metal. The band mixed both loudness and a melodic with some buzzy guitar. The set included songs like…. eyes, i dream in kines, human, up and atom, and more. These guys just rock. HOLY FAWN were amazing and should be the next big thing. Well, HOLY FAWN sound also had that heavy to melodic to guitar action to a buzzy feel as well. But this AZ band is fueled by singer / guitar player Ryan Osterman killer vocals. But Holy Fawn sound just had elements of post hardcore, punk, noise, black / death metal, metal, shoe gaze, alternative rock, emo, and more, adding in some distortion and buzzy guitars. But fans of Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Deathhaven, RADIOHEAD, JAWBOX, DC post hardcore will enjoy this band as well. Holy Fawn played just an emotional set that included songs like… candy, yawning, death is a relief, seer, void of light, and more. Just a powerful show. glad I went. (BW)

PERTURBATOR / HEALTH / STREET SECT 9/3/22 SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD Just a cool night that almost felt like being back at Goth / Industrial rock night. Any ways, up 1st was STREET SECT a 2-person band featuring Leo Ashline vocals and Shaun Ringsmuth sample / etc. Well, STREET SECT played a good set of industrial rock with an experimental feel that included samples. But SS sound also have hints of EDM, electronica, rock, synth dark wave, and just plenty of killer noise. the set included songs like… if this is what passes for living, and I grew into ribbons, in contempt, and more. Love to see them at a smaller club. Next the LA band HEALTH just ripped out some loud synth punk chaos rock n roll. But this 3-member band is just a death machine of power and noise with just an assault of industrial rock, dance, alternative rock, metal. The loud energy of this band has the same rage as… NIN, MANSON, KMFDM, with hints of punk as well. HEALTH played a good set as well doing songs like…. identity, hateful, new coke, tears, we are water, perfect skin, and more. Closing out the show the France band PERTURBATOR who just destroyed everything with an over-the-top show.  Well, the 2 members of PERTUBATOR feature James Kent along with a drummer just ripped the lid off the club with a full metal jacket assault that mixed darkwave, industrial rock, synth wave, EDM, Goth, death / black metal, punk just a wall of dance metal mayhem. Well-being new to this band I can hear elements of SISTER OF MERCY, KMFDM, NIN, FRONT 242, and hints of another France band UNDERCOVER SLUT. The set included songs like… Neo Tokyo, humans are such easy prey, lustful sacraments, and more. Just a band you need to witness live. Just one powerful show. (BW)

GOATWHORE / INCATATION /BEWITCHER / CAVEMAN CULT / YATRA 8/4/22 SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD Ok, just a nasty, raining, wet and storming night outside, but this was just a killer show for those who came out in the heavy downpour. Up 1st was Maryland metal machine called YATRA a 3pc death metal / metal band who just played a brutal set. Fronted by Dana Helmuth on vocals / guitar and Maria on bass and Sean on drums this band just roar out some killer hard hitting evil metal with a darker BLACK FLAG meeting COC feel of loudness and rage. Can’t wait to see them again. Next were CAVEMAN CULT who kicked out more chaos of grinding fasts action black metal with hints of punk / death metal adding the band set included songs like…eternal warfare, barbaric bloodlust, and more. BEWITCHER from Portland kept the sickness going with a set that blow me away with some fasts action 666 metal of dark and evil metal that had hints of speed metal, punk, crust, black/death metal with sort of a Toxic Holocausts, Discharge, Slayer, Venomfeel. The band just attack the stage with some killer metal sickness and played a killer set that including songs like… death returns, satanic magick attack, cursed be thy kingdom, and more. Just a killer band. Next were INCATATION a band with sort of a controversial pasts (wiki it). But this NYC band just played some powerful speed metal with hunts of black / death metal added in. The singers deep ripping vocals and hard-hitting sound was like a nuclear assault of metal mayhem like Cannibal Corpse, Death just good stuff. Closing out the night were GOATWHORE from NOLA. Well, GOATWHORE just played another killer set of insane metal with that dark / evil sound st8 from the swamps of NOLA with just a hint of sludge, punk, hardcore, metal. Well, GOATWHORE just played a killer long set that included songs like… drowned in grim rebirth, baring teeth for revolt, fbs, apocalyptic havoc, born of satan’s fleash, and more songs. Well even with the rain / flooding this was a killer show. (BW)

MISC LIVE REVIEWS On 4/28/22 at METRO GALLERY saw BBQT / KAT CLOVER at killer show BBQT just tore it up with some sleazy punk rock n roll Gabbie rock it like Wendy O Williams meeting Texas Terri tonight. KATIE CLOVER played a nice set of power pop punk rock n roll. On 5/16/22 at Metro Gallery another killer show opening were a Wisconsin band called INDONESIA JUNK who kicked out some killer garage rock. next were Baltimore bombers of punk / metal TOTAL MANICA who are always great watching and just deliver some killer fun metal as well. Next were SUZI MOON who took it up. This band just reminded of of TEXAS TERRI, Midnight Creeps, Bari Wire Dolls, and the DEAD BOYS just killer stuff. THE RAVAGERS just got sleazy and played some bad ass punk rock n roll. on 6/10/22 Another cool punk show MURDER was great again. PEARL played a cool set CUM GIRL 8 out of Brooklyn, NY just played another killer show. This NYC band just reminds me of all those cool bands like… FRIGHTWIGS, THRUST (old NYC band), PANDORAS, TRIBE 8, Just a band worth catching. I really wanted to see PISSED JEANS but had to leave.

EYEHATEGOD / BAT / ESCUELA GRIND 4/29/22 OTTO BAR – BALTIMORE, MD Some metal action thanks to my bud Gary EHG for the hook up. well 2 cool local bands played one of them got thrown out for pouring beer (never mind). But ESCUELA GRIND was killer metal / hardcore punk with loud and powerful vocals think GEL / SCOWL. BAT just blow me the fuck away. this band just play killer speed metal / metal with a MOTORHEAD, VENOM feel with hints of 80’s speed metal added in. Just a killer band. EYEHATEGOD just played a killer show. great seeing them again at a smaller club. Mike is one of my favorite front people today. Well, EHG just played a killer set doing songs like….30$ bag, dixie whiskey, new Orleans is the new Vietnam, parish motel sickness, and more.

DESTROY BOYS / SCOWL / BLACK VAPOR 6/6/22 @ THE OTTO BAR BALTIMORE, MD Finally getting to see 2 bands who are quickly becoming favorites. Well, this show was sold-out or close to it. Opening the show were BLK VAPOR from Baltimore I think who were a blk, brown, trans punk band from Baltimore that reminded me of TRIBE 8, THE MUSLIMS, and LUNACHICKS somewhat, pretty cool. Next were SCOWL been waiting to see them for a while. Well, SCOWL just kicked out some west coast style hardcore that was in Ya face and powerful, just that the set was too short. but the band did play songs like…bloodhound, choke, retail hell, seed to sow, and more. And Kat Moss is just a powerful frontperson. love to see them again. Next were DESTROY BOYS finally getting a chance to witness them. Well singer Alexia Roditis is just an amazing frontperson to watch perform. This SF band just play killer punk rock with an alternative heart with a sound and style that have hints of YEAH, YEAH YEAHS, SLANT 6, BIKINI KILL. DESTROY BOYS played a killer set that included songs like… drink, vixen, looker room bully, cry baby, fences, bff, i threw a glass at my friend eye… and more including a BLINK 182 cover sung by Violet. Well this was just a killer and fun show. (BW)

TESTAMENT / EXODUS / DEATH ANGEL 5/1/22 SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD Well 3 shows in 4 days and this old metalhead / punk rocker is still going. Well, this was a sold out and jam-packed show, feature 3 of the Bay Area metal / thrash legends. Well, all 3 bands inspired 1000’s of metal, hardcore, and crossover bands today, with that classic SF, Oakland, Berkery area style. Up 1st was DEATH ANGEL featuring Mike Osegueda on vocals and Rob Cavestany on guitar who been in the band since the start. Well, this early 80’s band is still going strong, this is my 1st time seeing them in many years. But the Grammy nominated band for the record “Humanicide” just played a killer set and still have the same aggressive style and shredding guitars you came you love from them. The band played a killer set that included songs like… evil priest, claws in so deep, the moth, humanicide, the dream calls for blood, and more. But DEATH ANGEL just played a powerful set, still a killer band. Next those thrash metal manics EXODUS who got the crowd going nuts. Well, this band once featured a guy named Kirk Hammett who went on to a bigger band. But EXODUS who started in the late 70’s just kicked out a wall of death sound of mayhem cross-over metal Steve Souza is just a killer front man and still sounds great and Gart Holt still can shred on guitar. the band did a killer set as well that included songs like… blood in blood out, bonded by blood, blacklist, clickbait, deathamphetamine, and more including the band’s 80/90 MTV and radio hit the toxic waltz.  But, EXODUS just tore up the stage with some hard edge thrash zone metal that still have that creeping death sound of hard hitting metal, that hit me like a nuclear assault of chainsaw shredding power. They actually got the bodies flying and the circle pit going. Closing out the night of Bay Area mayhem were TESTAMENT who are up there with METALLICA / SLAYER. Well TESTAMENT started off with a bang. Starting out in the earlier 80’s as well. the band feature Eric Peterson, Alex Skolnick, Billy Chuck, and Dave Lombardo (SLAYER / THE MISFITS) on drums. Well TESTAMENT were just so powerful Live and did a monster set that included songs like…children of the next level, pale king, wwiii, electric crown, over the wall, into the pit, dnr, and more. Well this was my 1st time seeing all 3 bands in many years, but it felt like the 80’s all over again, only with more backpain. Just a killer show. look for photos on the photo page (BW)

DOROTHY / JOYOUS WOLF / CLASSLESS ACT 4/12/22 @ THE RECHER TOWSON, MD Ok, this is my 1st time back at this Towson landmark club since they started booking bands again. And the club looks and sounds great, so check it out. Up 1st was the CA band called CLASSLESS ACT who should be the next big thing in the coming months Well CLASSLESS ACT are just a killer CA band who play bad ass rock n roll with elements of blues, alternative, hard rock, and stuff that made the Sunset Strip cool. Fronted by Derek Day on vocals this CA band just kicked out a set of down and dirty rock with the same feel as bands like KIX, BANG TANGO, BULLET BOYS, BUCKCHERRY, SNAKE PIT with a mixer of 70’s to 90’s rock added in. Dane vocals and Stageman ship reminds me of a cross between DLR (VAN HALEN) meeting Marq Torien (BULLET BOYS). Well don’t think the bands record is out yet, but the setlists included songs like… this is for you, cry, all that we are, and a cover of GUNS AND ROSES civil war, and a few more. Well this band was well worth checking out. Next were another CA band called JOYOUS WOLF another band with that 70’s feel meeting a 80’s to 90’s feel. Well JOYOUS WOLF had just a hard-edge rock feel with hints of a soulful / blues feel, but in a rock n roll way. But JOYOUS WOLF rock feel gave off a DIRTY HONEY, BUCKCHERRY, EXTREME feel with somewhat of a LED ZEP groove. Nick Reese is a killer singer as well. the set included songs like…. fearless, place in time, storm, mother rebel and more. think the band is on Road Runner Record. Closing out the show was DOROTHY who is actually new on my radar, but now I’m a fan. Well DOROTHY is just a rock goddess who have just powerful vocals with almost a spiritually feel, With a sound that have elements of blues, soul, hard rock, metal, Goth, gospel, metal, country.  DOROTHY have the same edge as bands like… ZZ WARD, THE KILLS, LONE JUSTICE, MIRANDA LAMBERT, PRETTY RECKLESS. But Dorothy just have the right rock n roll swag to be cool. the set include songs like… down to the bottom, gun in my hand, rest in peace, after midnight, flawless, a cover of sweet dreams that was killer and more. Well this was a killer show, actually glad I went. All 3 bands are worth checking out. (check out the photos on the photo page) (BW)

MAYHEM / MIDNIGHT 3/29/22 @ SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD Time for some more metal madness. Well, up 1st was those masked metal madmen from Ohio MIDNIGHT who just tore everything up and shredded out some fasts and evil black / death / speed metal that reminded me of the 1st time I seen bands like SLAYER or METALLICA. Well, this mask wearing (hoods) in a MENTORS kind a way, just blow the crowd away with just a set full of fasts action speed and loudness. Well, the band played a killer set of songs like… black rock n roll, poison trash, lust filth and sleaze, szex witchery, satanic royalty, you can’t stop steel, unholy rotten, and more songs about sex, murder, blasphemy, 666. The new Metal Blade Record Let’s There Be Witchery is killer as well. Quicky becoming a new favorite. Ok, time for metal legends MAYHEM a band whose history includes murder, suicide and other criminals act (see the movie Lords Of Chaos) for that. Well, this line up features 1 original member Necrobutcher on bass, and Attila Csihar who been on vocals since 92-93 and 2004 till now. But this Norwegian band started out in 84 and still going strong ripping out some evil black 666 metal. Well, tonight’s show was just a powerful set of black / death metal with sort of a theathical feel with just an extreme metal backdrop. Singer Attila vocals ranges is great very operatic at times, with just some extreme guitar action. Well, MAYHEM played a killer set that included… falsified and hated, bad blood, my death, voces ab alta, pagan fears, life eternal, deathcrush, pure fucking armageddon, chainsaw gutsfuck, and more. Well finally glad I got the chance too see MAYHEM again, this band lead the way for bands like MANSON, CRADLE OF FILTH, SLAYER. Just a killer show. Also cool seeing kids in metal face paint at the show. (BW)

SEPULTURA / CROWBAR / ART OF SHOCK 3/20/22 @ SOUNDSTAGE BALTIMORE, MD Ok, another Sunday metal show in ole downtown Baltimore. Well, SACRED REICH were on the bill, but didn’t play due to illness. But up 1st was ART OF SHOCK who just played a good set of extreme metal that was somewhere between SLAYER, DRI, and MEGADEATH. Well, ART OF SHOCK played a cool set that included songs like…dark Angele, I cast a shadow, final strike, and more. Pretty good stuff. Next were CROWBAR from NOLA and featuring metal / HC icon Kirk Windstein. Well CROWBAR just got loud and played yet another powerful show. Well, CROWBAR’s music is just a mixer of sludge metal, metal, hardcore, stoner, with a dose of loudness. Well tonight’s set included songs like… new dawn, to build a mountain, i feel the burning sun, chemical godz, i am forever, conquering, the chemical angels, and more. Well. CROWBAR is just a powerful band live worth checking out. SEPULTURA just took things up with so much power and rage that I was blown away for day. Well this is not the Casvalera brothers band, and only feature Paulo JR from the original band. But, not so new singer Derrick Green who joined around 98′ still put on a powerful show. Well SEPULTURA just played a killer set around 18 songs that included songs like… territory, capital enslavement, means to an end, machine messiah, refuse/resist, ratamahatta, roots bloody roots, and more. this band just put alot of passion and power into a show. Well this was just a killer tour. (BW)

SURFBORT / PUSSY GILLETTE / CUM GIRLS 3/5/22 @ METRO GALLERY BALTIMORE, MD Ok, been waiting for this show for a while. Up 1st was NYC CUM GIRLS who were pretty good and reminded me some of Frightwigs, Lunachicks, Thrust (old NYC band), Trible 8, just a way cool band. A Texas band called PUSSY GILLETTE were next and kicked out some punk / rock n roll with a dirty feel so sweet. PUSSY GILLETTE singer is a cross between Tina Turner meeting Wendy O Williams, with a sound somewhere between Nashville Pussy, MC5. Ok, time for SURFBORT from Brooklyn NY. Well, SURFBORT are quickly becoming a favorite band. fronted by Dani Miller who remind you of one of those cool NYC punk singers like Kembra P (VH OF KAREN BLACK) to Theo K (LUNACHICKS).  And a band who just plays killer punk rock. Well, SURFBORT just played a killer set that included songs like… les be in love, big star, FML, lot lizard 93, condom with no cum, white claw enema bong hits, and more. Well, SURFBORT is just one of those killer punk bands who put on just a fun and wonderful show. Love to interview them one day.(BW)

MINISTRY / THE MELVINS / CORROSION OF CONFORMITY 3-6-22 @ SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD Well, time for some loudness on a nice Sunday afternoon in dirty downtown Baltimore. Well, up 1st was CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (COC) who I seen many times, with many different lineups. Well this was my 1st time seeing the band since the death of original drummer Reed Mullin who was the heart and soul of this band. Pepper is still on vocals along with Woody and Mike with new drummer John Green. Well. COC just played another killer set, and sounded really great with just so much power. COC just got down and dirty cranking out some metal that still have a sludge metal, stones, rock n roll feel with still hints of punk left in. The set included songs like… shake like you, diablo Blvd., vote with a bullet, albatross, and a few more. The set was just too short. THE MELVINS took the stage next and GOT LOUD!!! THE MELVINS just cranked things up to 12 and kicked out some powerful loud and heavy music that still have that grunge, punk, metal, alternative feel. And still gives off a BLACK FLAG, MOTORHEAD, MUDHONEY, Sea sound going on. The band played a good set including songs like…the kicking machine, it’s shoved, anaconda, billy fish, hooch, civilized worn, and more including a REDD KROSS cover of Charlie. Well, this was my 1st time seeing THE MELVINS since the 90’s I think, when HELMUT opened for them. And 1st time seeing them with Steve Mcdonald (REDD KROSS, OFF,) bass. The drummer was Dale Crover who been with the band since about 84 I think. With the rock n roll machine himself Buzz Osborne on guitar and vocals. Well Buzz is just killer on Guitar and still can rock the hell out. Finally glad i was able to see them again, hopefully it want take this long again. FUCK YEAH!!!, time for MINISTRY. Well this is my 1st time seeing MINISTRY since probably the early 90’s . I actually seen them 2 times on “The Mind Is A Treible Thing To Taste” tour and a tour after that. Not sure why it took me so long to see them. Anyway, the band is still fronted by Al Jourgensen on vocals and guitar who is one of the godfathers of industrial rock as well as the Chi music scene. The line up on this tour also featured John Bechdel (keyboards), Cesar Soto (guitar), Paul D Amour (bass), Roy May Orga (drums) he was also in the bands NAUSEA, AMEBIX), and Monte Pittman (guitar) who spent time with PRONG, MADONNA. Well, this tour was called industrial strength which was celebrating the 30+ anniversary of the record The Mind Is A T… Well, 1st off AL still sounds / looked great and still a great front man. The band played behind of a fence, that actually worked in a visual kind a way. I remember the fence on the tour back in the 90’s when people were jumping from it, throwing bottles. Also remembering that was just a violent show. But jumping 30 years later the crowd was pretty laid back, noy as insane. Well MINISTRY played a killer set that opened with the song breathe and playing other songs like…. the missing, stigmata, burning inside, new world order, just one fix, thieves, so what, plus 2 PALLHEAD songs like. don’t stand in line. the encore included a visual montage doing the song Alert level which also pay tribute to MINISTRY members who pasts. and good trouble, and the IGGY POP song search and destroy. Well this was just a killer show, probably going to be one of the top 5 all year. check out the photos on the photo page. thanks to Speakeasy pr / Selena FR PR) (BW)

OBITUARY / MUNICIPAL WASTE / GATEKEEPER / ENFORCED2-19-22 @SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD Ok, this was just a cool and windy night outside for this almost sold-out show. Well, this was the Decibel Magazine tour featuring 4 killer bands. Up 1st was the Richmond VA band ENFORCED who kicked out some hard-hitting evil metal that had a thrash, metal, hardcore feel of just extreme metal madness, that reminded me somewhat of bands like…. creeping death, Bolt thrower, and Genocide Pact. Thiers set included songs like “hemorrhage, the heat, uxo, reckoning force, and more. GATEKEEPER out of AZ was next. Well GATEKEEPER fronted by Chase Mason just ripped out some down and dirty metal with an old school feel of dark and evil chainsaw metal full of grinding vocals and shredding guitars. The band had a EHG, NECROT, POWERTRIP feel, just killer stuff. Those metal / thrash-core manic from VA MUNICIPAL WASTE are back in town once again. Well MUNICIPAL WASTE who were here a few months ago with THE CIRCLE JERKS played yet another action-packed set full of crowd surfing, circle pits, Moshin’. Fronted by Tony Foresta the insane front man of this thrash metal circus called MUNICIPAL WASTE the band just played another great set of thrash, hardcore, metal, and punk that really gives of a strong 80’s crossover metal feel like… Nuclear Assault, Lethal Aggression, Crumsucker, Ludichrist, Hades, well this Nuclear Blast Records band is just bringing back a touch of 80’s style thrash metal almost meeting hints of Priest / Maiden guitar action as well. Well Municipal Waste played a killer set that included songs like… breathe grease, you’re cut off, beer pressure, born to party, sadistic magician, gravedive, and more. Well, when MUNICIPAL WASTE come to town you can except flying bodies, trash cans, circle pits, and just a fun as show. probably one of my favorite’s live bands to see these days. Next were those thrash / death metal godz from FLA OBITUARY who were killer. The band started off with the song redneck stomp and out came John Tardy (singer) and the band played a insane set that included songs like… by the light, final thoughts, find the arise, kill for me, i’m in pain, visions in my head, and more But OBITUARY just played a hard-hitting show of pure metal that still have the same power since day one. fans of EXODUS, CROWBAR, DECIDE, DEATH wil enjoy this band as well. great to see a band from the early 80’s still giving a powerful show. (Photos on the photo page) (BW)

THE CIRCLE JERKS / MUNICIPAL WASTE / NEGATIVE APPROACH 12-10-21 SOUNDSTAGE BALTIMORE, MD Ok, been waiting for this show for a while. 1st off never seen a merch line so long that went on all night to snag some CIRCLE JERKS merch. Well, this show had one of those mid 80’s feel all the way, almost like being back at THE RITZ, CITY GARDENS, or the LOFT. Well up 1st was NEGATIVE APPROACH out of Det, Mich who since reforming been tearing things up with the same power and rage. Well NA played a killer set of classics like…genocide, hypocrite, can’t tell no one, ready to fight, and more. Still a killer band and favorite. Next MUNICIPAL WASTE out of VA who just tore things up with some thrash metal that have a killer crossover feel like one of those killer bands from the mid 80’s who always get added to a punk / hc show like DRI, CRUMBSUCKERS, WHIPLASH, LETHAL AGGRESSION, But MUNICIPAL WASTE are just a killer band live and fun to watch who always push the crowd of people to crowd surf and do circle pits. Well MUNICIPAL WASTE played a killer set the included songs like…breathe grease, you’re cut off, born to party, sadistic magician, and more. These guys are one of my favorite’s metals bands today. THE CIRCLE JERKS return trip to Baltimore, seen these guys a bunch of times in this city as well as other places. think the lasts Baltimore show was opening for PENNYWISE years ago and saw them with GBH years ago as well. But THE CIRCLE JERKS played a wonderful set and Keith Morris is still a great front man. Well, the band played almost 90 minutes of favorite’s that included songs like…. deny everything, letter bombs, Beverly hills, wild in the streets, coup de tat, live fasts die young, wasted, the crowd, i don’t care, red tape, and more. Well, this show almost took me back to the 80’s and it was great seeing a bunch of friends for the 1st time in almost 2 years. Probably one of my favorite’s shows of 2021. (BW)

THELMA & THE SLEAZE / BBQT / LAZLO LEE 10/19/21 HOLY FRIJOLES  BALTIMORE, MD Ok, this is my 1st time at this really cool place to grab some great Mexican food and drinks. Up 1st the Baltimore band LEE LAZLO who played some killer rock n roll. Next BBQT featuring the rock n roll machine Gabbie Bam Bam. Well, BBQT just play killer rock n roll with a punk rock fury like a mad cross between THE RUNAWAYS, JOAN JETT, SUZI QUATRO, YEAH YEAH YEAH with just a garage rock, punk, glam rock, rock n roll sandwich. Well, the band kicked out songs like… savage, let’s go, inmate, and more. sorry it took me so long to catch them live. Just killer rock n roll. THELMA AND THE SLEAZE were just bad ass with sort of a southern punk rock n roll sound meeting punk and just pure evil rock n roll. TATS remind me somewhat of NASHVILLE PUSSY, SARAH SHOOK, TRIBE 8, THE WIVES with just an evil twist. The band kicked out such jams as… down, pain, good girls, in prison, leather nites, and more. this was just a killer show. (BW)

SCREAMING FEMALES / NO MAN / PEARL 11/5/21 OTTO BAR Finally seeing SCREAMING FEMALES, but up 1st was the Baltimore band PEARL who played a cool set of punk rock, short, fasts, punk songs. Next the WDC iron machine called NO MAN who blow me away, with just a powerful punk / hardcore mixes that was pure bad ass. No Man just played in ya face HC / PUNK with a lot of sweet rage. SCREAMING FEMALES were just great, Marissa Paternoster is just a perfect front person, she’s a killer guitar player and have some of the best’s vocals in punk rock / alternative rock today. this NJ band just played a powerful set that included songs like… ripe, wishing well, black moon, I’ll make you sorry, and more. Well SCREAMING FEMALES just reminded me of bands like Patti Smith, XRAY SPECS, Nirvana (even better), and one of those killer punk bands from way back. Finally glad to catch them live. Well worth it. (BW)

GWAR / NAPALM DEATH /  EYEHATEGOD 11-1-21 @ SOUNDSTAGE BALTIMORE, MD Well time to get sick again with some killer metal / punk. Tonight’s show started with the NOLA band EYEHATEGOD who kicked out some sickness. Well, EHG out supporting the record “a history of nomadic behavior” played a killer of sick and insane metal that still have the straight from the evil swamps sound that have hints of punk, metal, and sludge. think BLACK FLAG meeting BLACK SABBATH. Well Mike Williams just a killer frontperson to watch live. EHG played such songs as…new orleans is the new Vietnam, sisterfucker, blank/shoplift, and more. Just a killer band. NAPALM DEATH out of the UK just tore things up with a set full of chaos and disorder and just blow everything up with a style of crust, punk, metal, and grindcore that just destroyed everything. The singer was just all over the stage kicking out songs like… you suffer, lucid fairytale, suffer the children, Nazi punk fuck off, and more. GWAR played yet another killer show, full of blood, blood, and more blood. Well, Blothar is still on vocals and doing a great job, even if some Brockie fans may disagree. But this tour featuring GWAR playing the record “Scumdogs” which came out 30+ years ago (due to covid tours were postpone) But tonight the band played all the classics from that record like… sick of you, black and huge, maggots, horror of yig, vlad the Impaler, love surgery, and more. It was great hearing those songs again and some of the skits that went along with some of those songs, as well as seeing Techno Destructo. Just another killer show. (BW)DSC_0114

CRADLE OF FILTH / ONCE HUMAN / 3 TEETH @ SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD Finally getting my rock n roll feet wet again starting to feel goo. Well, this show was just killer with some dark and evil rock n roll. . Up 1st was the CA band ONCE HUMAN feathering Logan Madder on guitar and the powerhouse roars of Lauren Hart on vocals. Well ONCE HUMAN just play hard edge metal with just ripping vocals of Lauren whose vocals just have a demonic feel, backed to a band who sounds a bit like SLIPNOT meeting JINGER or ARCH ENEMY just killer stuff. The band played skull ripping songs like eye of chaos, paragon, flock of flesh plus a few more. Next were 3TEETH another CA band just blow me away with just a mind blowing set of loud music with sort of a FOETUS, TOOL, NIN, PSYCHOTICA, feel but with a lot of theirs own chaos added in. Well, 3TEETH sound is backed with sort of a visual backdrop and a sound that have elements of industrial rock, metal, goth, and punk. the band played songs like…divine weapon, exxxit, slavegod, pit of fire and more. love too see them again. Fuck yeah time for those filthy lads called CRADLE OF FILTH leaded by Dani Filth who are out on a tour called Lustmord and Tourgasm Well the band played the 1998 reord ” cruelty and the beast” doing such songs as 13 autumns and a window, cruelty brought thee orchids, the twisted nail of faith, bathory aria, and more as well as a set of favorites that include… hallowed be thy name, nymphetamine, crawling king chaos, and more. Well like past’s tours COF are just a killer live band who also put on a great visual show and just a great band to watch. Well COF sound is still just a n evil mixes of metal, death metal, goth, with a sound and feel somewhere between MAIDEN, SLAYER, PRIESTS, VEMON, MANSON with just a touch of theirs own evil added in. Well, the smoke machine gave off just a cool graveyard feel and really worked with the band visual look tonight almost like a scene from a horror movie. Dani howls still sounds great and give me the chills. Well, this was just a killer show, and COF are still a great live band. (BW)

BLACK DAHLIA MURDER / AFTER THE BURIAL /  RIVER OF NHIL / CARNIFEX / UNDEATH 9/30/21 SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD Well finally my 1st big show since the covid lockdown. This time for some metal. Well up 1st was a band from upstate NY called UNDEATH who were pretty good. the singer had those deep grinding vocals of ripping death that’s always cool, added to just a skull ripping sound. RIVER OF NIHIL from PA just kicked out a machinegun assault of death metal with hints of nu-metal, / inds metal added in. The band played a few songs like… the silent life, focus, sand baptism, and a few more. CARNIFEX out of SD, CA just destroyed the places with a wall of death metal meeting just powerful hardcore with plenty of sweet chaos and some evil sickness as well. CARNIFEX played a killer set with songs like… world war x, cursed, lie to my face, hell chose me and more. But CARNIFEX just gave off a killer feel with sometime of a more grinding CRADLE OF FILTH feel meeting just gut ripping cookie monster vocals. Killer stuff. AFTER THE BURIAL were loud as fuck! with just a sick as Satan sound with just a dose of extreme metal power that gave off a powerful sound that included hints of death, thrash, progressive, hardcore, speedcore and just hardedge shit. Fans of PRONG, CROWBAR, MADBALL,  NAPALM DEATH will dig this band as well. ATB set included songs like…in flux, berzerker, collapse, lost in the static, and more. Finally, time for one of my favorite’s metal bands around today THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER who just destroyed this city with just a brutal show of insane metal. Well, this Mich band just kicked out a powerful set full of speed and loudness and just powerful vocals fueled by Trevor Strnad. But tonight, BDM just blow everyone away with a killer set that included songs like… i will return, verminous, funeral thirst, child of the night, warborn, as good as dead, everything went black, deathmask divine, and more. Well BDM were just killer tonight at times taking me back and reminding me somewhat of bands like HADES or early METALLICA just kicking out a brutal sound of metal, death metal, crossover metal, and some speedcore. Well, this was just a killer show, proving that people in this state still loves metal music.  (BW)

FANG / NOTHING BUT ENEMIES / YIA YIA 9-9-21 THE DEPOT BALTIMORE, MD FUCK YEAH!!!! Finally, my 1st show since the covid lockdown. Well, this one was a must seeing my old buddy Sammy and his band FANG. Well up 1st was a Baltimore band called YIA YIA who were pretty good with a sound that had hints of BLACK FLAG. Next were a Boston band called NOTHING BUT ENEMIES who were killer with more of a street punk / oi! feel, with just a charged punk sound like GBH, UNSEEN, LOWER CLASS BRATS, just good stuff. Well FANG making a return trip to Baltimore to kick out some DYA punk rock. Well fronted by Sammytown FANG is still a great live band an always great watching Sammy in action playing all the classic and newer songs like…. American dream, you’re my enemy, where the fuck, skin heads smoke dope, drunk and crazy, land shark go out for blood, Minneapolis, here come the cops, a cover of people who died, and the classic song money as well as a few more. Just a bad ass set of punk rock. Well, this show gave me a kick start and it was nice seeing some old friends after almost 2 years of no show. Ron Weldon set this baby up at one of my favorite’s places to see bands in Baltimore the Depot. Just a killer show. ( FANG below Billy Whitfield photo) (BW)


ROTTING OUT / CREEPING DEATH 3/1/20 @ SOUNDSTAGE BALTIMORE, MD A Sunday night metal / hardcore show in downtown Baltimore. Well, a few more killer bands played, but I was here for these bands. CREEPING DEATH out of Texas played another killer show, saw these guys a few months ago, and these guys still kicked ass. Well CREEPING DEATH music is still a blasts of hard and heavy as well as powerful metal meeting hardcore with just a crushing sound. CREEPING DEATH included songs like… doused in flames, specter of war, dawn of time, bloodlust contamination, and a few more killer songs. Next were ROTTING OUT who just tore things up with a powerful sound that also mixed metal with something of a 90’s era NYHC sound. Well ROTTING OUT just sent the crowd nuts with plenty of pit action and stage diving as the band cranked out a set that included songs like… stab, reaper, born, the wrong way, and more. Well ROTTING OUT just reminded me of bands like MADBALL, SHEER TERROR, BURN, and bands with sort of that ST8EDGE  feel. Well even if i missed the headliner, this show was killer. (BW)

THE ADICTS / DROOGETTES / RAVAGERS 1/23/20 SOUNDSTAGE BALTIMORE, MD Just a killer punk show on a weeknight, well the crowd was about 150 plus probably cut short do to a WDC show. Well up 1st was THE DROOGETTES out of Phila. Well, THE DROOGETTES been on my bands to catch lists for a few years now. Well this Phila band just played a killer set of punk rock with a catchy side that reminded me somewhat of THE DONNAS, NY RELIXS, DISTILLERS, LOWER CLASS BRATS, and ADICTS all rolled in one. just a killer band. Baltimore’s THE RAVAGERS played a great set, 1st time seeing them in almost a year. But THE RAVS played a killer set with a punk rock body with a rock n roll heart think the BOYS meet THE CLASH. Well finally seeing THE ADICTS again, this band been keeping punk alive for over 40 years and still going strong. Well the ADICTS still features singer Monkey who came out in a killer cape, and still fling out cards some with the ADICTS on them (never got one, love to have one). But THE ADICTS are one of the bests live bands out there still, and the band played a great set of songs like…. let’s go, joker in the pack, tango, just like me, fuck it up, who spilt my beer, Chinese takeaway, viva la rev, numbers, you’ll never walk alone, and more. Well seeing THE ADICTS is just a punk rock treat and still a fun show. Thanks going out to Soundstage and THE ADICTS (photos from the show on the photo page) This is why i got into and still love punk. (BW)

LEFTOVER CRACKS / DAYS N DAZE / COP-OUT /MURDER 11-7-19 @ THE OTTO BAR BALTIMORE, MD Another killer punk show that was worth hitting the bad streets of Baltimore for. Well thanks to Whitney from DND for the hook up Well up 1st were the Baltimore band MURDER who played a killer set of punk rock, this was my 1st time seeing them in a while. NY’s COP/OUT played a great set of what they call commie queer core. Well COP/OUT just played some killer punk that had an 80’s New England area feel like Vacation Commandos to even a 7 Second feel. Finally seeing DAYS N DAZE and the wait was well worth it. Well DAYS N DAZE played a killer set of punk, folk punk, folk, blue grass Ish punk, ska, crusts, to street corner punk. But DND st8 out of Texas played a great set that included songs like…. shit luck, blue jays, self-destructive, day gaunts, fuck it, misanthropic drunken loner, muddy knees, and more. This band is just what the punk scene needed today; Well please check out the interview on my You Tube channel (TOXIC FLYER ZINE) also will run in a print issue as well. Well LEFTOVER CRACK played yet another great set of fuck off, 666 ska from the evil ABC city of NYC. Well, this was my 1st time seeing LOC in years, but the band played a great mixer of LOC/ Choking Victim songs including…. don’t shoot, life is pain, 500 channels, bedbugs and beyond, rock the 40oz, in hell, gay rude boy rockers, crack city rockers, crack rocksteady, and more. Well, this was just a killer show, that made me proud to still love punk rock. (BW)

SARAH SHOOK & THE DISARMERS 11-13-19 METRO GALLERY – BALTIMORE, MD Ok, this was a cool show, opening things up were Sean k Preston who played a cool set of 50’s era rock n roll with a cool rock-a-billy feel. Well Sarah Shook and the Disarmers are back in Baltimore closing out the year with another tour. Well saw her earlier this year with Murder By Death at another club. Well tonight Sarah and the crew played yet another great set of just pure outlaw country music sound with songs that have a hard living and hard life feel. Well tonight Sarah played such songs as… heal me, parting words, fuck up, the nail, sidelong, road that leads to you, new ways, Dwight Yoakam, bottle never lets me down, and more, including some new ones. Well seeing Sarah Shook and the Disarmers just a truly rock n roll treat, (BW)

HIGH ON FIRE / POWERTRIP / DEVIL MASTER / CREEPING DEATH 11-17-19 SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD Time for some heavy metal action on a sinful Sunday Well up 1st were the Texas band CREEPING DEATH who just played a brutal set of ripping metal that had the same feel as early Slayer or Metallica with the same brutal assault of Bolt Thrower. The band played such time bomb songs as… revenge, sinner’s torch, ripping the flesh and more. just a pure assault of metal. Next i think a Phila, Pa band called DEVIL MASTER who had more of a death / black metal feel and sound. Well with sort of the dark metal feel with an occult / vampire feel this band were killer with hints of Mayhem, Venom, and Cradle of Filth this band was just so sick, love to catch them again. Next another Texas band the return of POWERTRIP who are quickly becoming one of my new favorite’s bands. Well, Powerteip just kick it out like one of those mid 80’s crossover bands like DRI, Crumbsuckers, Nuclear Assault, Lethal Aggression, Hirix , just fasts and out of control metal. the band played a good set that included the hammer of doubt, firing squad, soul sacrifice, crossbreaker, and more thrash metal songs of death. The mighty HIGH ON FIRE turned up the amps and lite the bongs as they cranked out some hard and heavy music. Well, this was my 1st time seeing band in many years, but Matt Pike (ex Sleep) just hammed out a killer set that’s still powerful. plus it was cool to hear songs like blood from zion, rumors of war, baghdad, fury whip, and more. Just another powerful show. (BW)

GWAR / SACRED REICH / TOXIC HOLOCAUST /AGAINST THE GRAIN 9/29/19 RAMS HEAD LIVE – BALTIMORE, MD Well time for another metal show on a Sunday night, the turnout was fair, due to another sold-out metal show down the street. Up firsts were AGAINST THE GRAIN who played a pretty good set of meal with someway of a dirty feel. Next were the metal machine gun assault of TOXIC HOLOCAUST who were killer as always. this band just shoot out some machine-gun metal with a punk assault of mayhem, think DISCHARGE, COC, MOTORHEAD, AUS ROTTEN with a lot of power added in. Well TOXIC HOLOCAUST played another killer set including songs like… gravelord, acid fuzz, 666, war is hell,nuke the cross, and more. Just a killer band too see live. SACRED REICH who i lasts seen was some time in the early 90’s probably the time American Way broke. Well SACRED REICH who are out of the late 80’s metal scene played just a bad ass set of pure 90’s metal with that crossover feel and that true 90’s era feel played a cool set that included songs like… the American Way, divide and conquer, killing machine, and surf Nicaragua and more thrash metal anthems. Well GWAR are back on the road with a new tour, Blother (once played Beefcake the Mighty a few years back) is still doing vocals. Well seeing GWAR never gets old and this was actually another fun show to watch, really dug the talking toilet. GWAR set included songs like… fuck this place, sick of you, maggots, bring back the bomb, if you want blood, and more killer songs, still a fun show. (BW)

CONFLICT / WARXGAMES 9-18-19 OTTO BAR BALTIMORE, MD OK. this was another cool punk show. WARXGAMES kicked out some cool hardcore SXE style punk, that’s full of power and rage. CONFLICT are back in the states and played another good show of anarcho punk that include such songs as…positive junk, from protest to resistance, the final conflict. the serenade is dead, and more stand up and fight songs. (BW)

SUBHUMANS / FEA / SOUL GLOW / GLUE TRAPS 9-11-19 OTTO BAR BALTIMORE, MD More great punk rock tonight seem like a lot of Anarcho Punk bands are touring. Up 1st were GLUE TRAPS out of Baltimore who played some killer punk rock. SOUL GLOW out of Phila played a pretty cool set, reminded me somewhat of WHIPPING BOY, MCRAD. FEA played another cool set, saw them a year or so ago at Barclay House,see thing on a better stage and sound was killer, Well FEA sings in both English and Spanish with a sound that have a LUNACHICKS, TRIBE 8, STONE FOX (sf) feel. The band new record is out now on Blackheart Records. Well, the SUBHUMANS just blow me away again playing a killer set that included songs like… so much money, new age, subvert city, mickey mouse is dead, too fat too thin, minority, and more. Well, the SUBHUMANS are still a great band too see live real punk NOT DEAD. (BW)

THUNDERPUSSY / HOLIS BROWN 8/11/19 @ METRO GALLERY BALTIMORE, MD        Been waiting for this show for a while, since a friend turned me on to this band. Well thanks going out to Girlie Action Media for the hook up. Well can’t remember the 1st local band, who were pretty good. But Holis Brown were killer and reminded me somewhat of Murder by Death. Well, Thunderpussy took the stage in true rock n roll style and played just an amazing set of pure rock n roll with just a blasts of 70’s arena rock, meeting punk and soul. Well fronted by singer Molly Sides whose dance background come out strong in this band with moves that will put Jagger to shame. And the guitar magic of Whitney Petty will make Jimmy Page smile. Well tonight THUNDERPUSSY played a killer show that kicked out a sound that gave off the same feel as… Led Zeppelin meeting Heart with hints of punk spirit like the Lunachicks, L7, even Tribe8, with echoes of Cycle Sluts from Hell. But with Molly dance moves is like Jagger meet Turner with old Hollywood glamour, and the Guitar work of Whitney who even use a bow like Page just blow me away. The band played a killer set that included songs like…. speed queen, trust a man, sweet emotion, somebody to love, and more. This was just an amazing show from a band bring something cool back to the music scene. (BW)

MURDER BY DEATH / SARAH SHOOK  AND THE DISARMERS 5/10/19 AT THE OTTO BAR – BALTIMORE, MD Ok been waiting for this show and the wait was well worth it. This tour feature 2 bands on the killer label Bloodshot Records based out of Chi. Well up firsts were SARAH SHOOK AND THE DISARMERS who i been waiting too see for a while now. Well, SSATD play just straight up country meeting alternative country with some cowpunk to punk and rock n roll added in. Just think if Wanda Jackson and Hawk Williams had a kid and Mike Ness was your older brother this is what you’ll probably get. Well Sarah and the boys played a killer set that included songs off of the current record “Years” and “Sidelong” like… heal me, fuck up, Dwight Yoakum, damned if i do, the bottle never let me down, new ways to fail, nails, and more killer songs that have a true outlaw feel to them. Well worth checking out. Next were the gloomy dark country rock of MURDER BY DEATH whose sounds have a more Americana feel meeting somewhat of a horror punk to Goth edge with just an evil dose of folk, roots rock, alternative country rock added in, think Alkaline Trio, fogging Molly, later years Johnny Cash with a sound that gives off a Twin Peak creep dark edge. Well, MBD played a great set including songs like…strange eyes, lost river, brother, 52 ford, last night on earth, pizza party, and more. just wished the band played spring break, and wasted years (Iron Maiden) cover. Well, this was a killer show, and both bands are worth checking out. (BW)

CRADLE OF FILTH / WEDNESDAY 13 / RAVEN BLACK 4/6/19 SOUNDSTAGE BALTIMORE, MD Well been waiting for this show for months and kept my finger crosses that this one wouldn’t get canceled like the lasts few. But this was just an excellent show all around. Opening the show was the LA, CA band called RAVEN BLACK who i missed a few times before played a killer set. Well RAVEN BLACK is front by Raven on vocals, she’s across between Harley Quinn meeting Nina Hagen meeting a Living Dead Doll / Voodoo doll. With a band who have a serial killer meeting horror movie killer look. Well RAVEN BLACK had a killer sound that had elements of….one eyed doll, otep, lunachicks, Nina Hagen, psychotica, Marilyn Manson feels meeting a theatrical / creepy carnival feel. the band played a killer set that included songs like… spider, stick n stones, twinkle twinkle little star, dollhouse, and more. love to see them again.Next were those southern shock rockers WEDNESDAY 13 who tore it up again with just a fasts and furious show that was like a war machine of marching metal. Well WEDNESDAY 13 who was in town a year ago doing his unplugged show, is back with his electrical set. Well, this was my 1st time seeing Wednesday with his new look that had a Marilyn meeting somewhat of a Andy Sex Fiend feel. But WED13 just kicked out some killer horror rock n roll meeting metal that still sounds powerful. The band didn’t really play any of the band’s most known songs (which they’re probably sick of playing. But did play songs off of records like…dixie dead, monsters of the univ come out, including songs like…. hail ming, come out and plague, prey for me, get your grave on, what the night brings, astro psycho, and more killer songs. Well finally getting too see CRADLE OF FILTH been waiting since the mid 90’s too see them. Well, the wait after being out of town or them them playing. But tonight’s show was killer. Well, this band from Suffolk England been playing since the 90’s playing a mixer of music that have a strong metal feel with hints of death / black metal / horror metal, Goth, symphonic metal all rolled in one with hints of folk metal as well. But COF fueled but the killer howls / screams of Dani Filth this band just packed a punk of metal terror and played a killer set that included songs like… gilded cunt, nemesis, wester vespertine, dusk and her embrace, saffron’s curse, nymphetamine, the twisted nails of faith, from the cradle to enslave, and more mostly songs from from those eras. Well CRADLE OF FILTH just played a killer show. fans of bands like Maiden(early), Mayhem, and Venom will enjoy this guy as well. One of the best’s shows this year so far, as well as bests tee shirts as well. (BW)

LORDS OF ACID / GENITORTURERS / ORGY / LITTLE MISS NASTY / GABRIEL AND THE APOCALYPSE 3/8/19 SOUNDSTAGE – BALTIMORE, MD OK, been waiting for this shows for months, just a killer lineup. Well missed part of GABRIEL AND THE APOCALYPSE set due to doing an interview with a band but from what i did catch seemed pretty sweet with that industrial meet Goth sound with hints of pop razorblade punk, love to catch them again. Next were a Suicide Girl meet Pussycat Dolls type troop who came out and shook it up, and dance around some to more punk, metal music, not bad. next THE GENITORTURERS played a killer set, Gen still kicks ass on stage, wow can’t believe its been almost 7 years or more since i seen them lasts. But Gen and the crew played just a killer set, not as wild as pasts tours without as many props, but the band played a bunch of songs like…. revolution, cum junkie, razor cut, sin city, lecher bitch, and more. Really glad i got to see them again and talked with Gen. Still a great live band. Next more from LITTLE MISS NASTY that was even hotter. 90’s rocker ORGY were next lasts time i seen them was a Towson Show. But ORGY still features the vocals of Jay Gorden still have that new metal feel with hints of Goth, industrial rock and rock added in. the band played a pretty good set that included songs like… suckerface, stitches, smack my bitch up (the PRODIGY) cover and NEW ORDER’S blue Monday. Yeah, finally time for LORDS OF ACID who are just killer live with so much energy and power and hard driven dance songs even your square brother will shake it. Well founded by Praga Khan in 88′ this Belgian / American been at it for years. Well Marieke Bresseleers is just a powerhouse on stage. Well tonight the band played a great set list that included songs like…. sex bomb, break me, rubber doll, pussy, i sit on acid, voodoo u, out comes the evil, sex cam girl, and more sexy songs. Well LORDS OF ACID just put on a killer show full of pure electronic, industrial, punk, rock n roll, dance madness. Look for an review in the print issue along with and interview with Praga and Die Trich, You Tube preview coming soon, look for info on the twitter page This is what all shows should be like, just Fun. (BW)

THE DECIBEL TOUR with MORBID ANGEL / IMMOLATION / NECROT / BLOOD INCANTATION 3/10/19 SOUNDSTAGE BALTIMORE, MD  – Ok a Sunday night of metal madness, just like a Sunday night mass of mayhem. Open 1st was the Denver band BLOOD INCANTATION who played a set of classic death metal only with a psychedelic edge with hints of death added in. Next were NECROT who are quickly becoming a favorite band. Well, this Oakland / SF area band just play sick ass metal with hints of punk added some pure 666 black metal / death added in, think DISCHARGE, AUS ROTTEN, DRI with just a sicker edge. NECROT played suck sick ass songs as…. rather be dead, empty hands, the abyss, and greater seeing them again. IMMOLATION from NY state who feature people from the ashes of RIGOR MORTIS (NY), well IMMOLATION had a more tech / progressive metal feel, but with enough hard stuff to keep it evil with a sound that had a more DEATH to DEATH ANGEL feel. the band played a few songs that were epic. Finally seeing MORBID ANGEL again, been a few years, but this well the band still feature Trey Azagthoth being the only original member left, along with Steve Tucker on vocals who been in and out of the band. But MORBID ANGEL played a killer set that included songs like… d.e.a.d., garden of disdain, nothing is not, blasphemy, god of emptiness and more. Well MORBID ANGEL still rip out a killer sound that mixes everything from death metal, metal, rock, that’s still evil that fans of VENOM, SLAYER will kill for. Well, this is proof that American metal is still alive. (BW)

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY /THE OBSESSED – CROWBAR – MOTHERSHIP 2/18/19 @ THE OTTO BAR BALTIMORE, MD  Finally a good metal show down at the old OTTO BAR. Well actually this is my 1st show of 2019 and it was a good one. Up 1st from Texas were the power house 3 pc’s metal / rock outfit called MOTHERSHIP who still have a bad ass sound of stoner rock meeting Zeppelin style meet. Next were local icons well DC’s THE OBSESSED who were just hard and heavy with a sound of power. Fronted by punk / metal legend Wino The Obsessed just blow out some powerful stoner metal with still blow me away, with a sound the like old Sabbath / Motorhead / St Vitus Wino and his crew kicked out such songs as…. mourning, sacred, world apart, streetside and more. Still a great Live band to catch. New Orleans CROWBAR were next and did another great set of just evil and powerful metal that still pack a punch. the band played such songs as…and suffer as one, to carry the load, planets collide, the cemetery angels, and more. Closing out this night of metal madness were COC who i have probably seen 25 or 30 plus times since the early 80’s, but when Eric was on vocals and a bunch of different lineups. Well tonight the line up was original members Woody and Mike along with Pepper on vocals who been with the band now since the 90’s (on and off). But Reed wasn’t on this tour due to personal reasons (leave it there). the fill in drummer did a pretty good job. Well Pepper vocals are still killer and Woody and Mike still deliver a powerful punch. The band’s set was made up of mostly new stuff with some old ones like…. stonebreaker, wiseblood, diablo blvd, vote with a bullet, albatross, seven days, and more. Well seeing COC is still fun and these guys still rock out. (billy whitfield) photo below COCDSC_0898

GWAR / MISS MAY I / AMERICAN SHARKS 11/9/18 SOUNDSTAGE BALTIMORE, MD Ok 1st time seeing GWAR in a while. up 1st were AMERICAN SHARKS from TX who were pretty cool with a punk meet metal sound with some humor added in. MISS MAY I was next and played a hard edge set of pounding metal. Next were GWAR with Blothar taking over led vocals (aka the old Beefcake), the band also have a new Beefcake. But GWAR still have the blood soaking stage show with plenty of violent and satire that took aim at the current president and other pop icon. the band played a lot of newer stuff an old favorite’s like… war on gwar, womb with a view, saddam a go-go, maggots, fuck this place, sick of you and more. just a killer show from the great Gwar.

DOYLE 11/12/18 SOUNDSTAGE BALTIMORE, MD Back again at Soundstage. Well, the turnout was small an could almost have been done at a smaller club. Eell a pretty good band opened up who had a sound like AntiSeen somewhat with a Misfits edge. Well DOYLE featuring MISFITS member Doyle on guitar. With the killer vocals of Alex Story (Cancerslugs) Well as Doyle just slam his guitar like a jackhammer Alex just bang out some killer vocals that’s somewhere between GG Allin meeting Danzig. But with even the small turnout the band played a killer set including such horror punk hits as… abominator, beast like me, witchcraft, we belong dead, dark god arise, and more. just a killer show on a wet, cold, nasty night, well worth it.

a few quick reviews MUNICIPAL WASTE /GANG GREEN / SAVAGE MASTER / GLUE TRAPS 6/12/18 OTTO BAR Baltimore, MD Just a killer show GLUE TRAPS a killer local band kicked out some fire fueled punk rock, SAVAGE MASTER played a killer set think PLASMATICS, VH OF KAREN BLACK, MENTORS, WARLOCK just a killer band played some favorite’s like “ready to sin”, “black hooves” and more. GANG GREEN still kick ass live doing up some drunken stake rock songs like sold out, skate to hell, alcohol, wasted night, and greater to see them still playing. MUNICIPAL WASTE played some killer thrash core the only way they can, fun and fasts.

Late reviews for 2017…. went to see THE PEARS on 10/21/17 at Wind Up Space THE PEARS were killer and played a set of twisted and fun songs, also om the bill was RUSSIAN GIRLFRIEND who had an ALL feel and OC45 from Boston with a RANCID / UNSEEN feel and local bands CANKER BLOSSOM and LIE KILLS who were killer with an SNFU / NIN feel. 10/22/17 Had the return of SAVAGE MASTER this time at METRO ART GALLERY well SAVAGE MASTER kicked out the whips and chain punk action that’s still powerful with a WARLOCK / WENDY O WILLIAMS feel, the opening bands were killer as well. On 10/23/17 the SIDE BAR had MDC playing all the hits as well as some newer ones. MDC still have a lot of fire and a lot to say. also, on the bill were ELECTED OFFICIAL who were bad ass with a female singer who gave off a Wendy O Williams feel meeting the AVENGERS. CRAWLER, ANTI ANDROGEN and MALICIOUS CODE all did a good job as well. THE PROLETARIATS from MA who career started in the early 80’s late 70’s kicked out some punk history 101 (look for the interview in issue 47# out late Feb /March, look at the interview on the TOXIC FLYER YOU TUBE PAGE). Also on the bill were SYRINGE who are just a killer local band with dual singers think MANKIND? meeting DISCHARGE, MOWER a band from PA kicked out some more DBEAT meeting MOTORHEAD style madness, and BIDET got things stated with some raw punk rock, just killer. BARB WIRE DOLLS kicked out the punk rock at the DEPOT on 11/7/17 with their style of upstart and riot punk rock, the band is now on Motorhead Records. Well BARB WIRE DOLLS are just a powerful band and a killer band who are really great live and just gives off a punk passion just watching them. (Thank to Greg S for the hook up) also look for another interview with them in issue 47 as well) SISTER EX also played and were pretty sweet as well. (barb wire dolls below) pix billy whitfield (full reviews in print issue 47#) out 2018

. DSC_0767

VENOM / GOATWHORE /TOXIC HOLOCAUST / GUEST 10/2/17 SOUNDSTAGE BALTIMORE, MD Oh, this was just a killer show, i was looking for a much bigger turn out the club wasn’t even half full for such a killer show. Up 1st was a local band called DEAD ATLANTIC who played some killer and powerful metal. Next was an Ohio band called THE CONVALESCENE came out in death metal face paint even had a keyboard player. well, CONVALESCENE also had sort of a horror rock side as well. TOXIC HOLOCAUST just blasted out another assault of pure mayhem with just a bullet flying sound of fasts action metal with a punk feel with a DISCHARGE meeting MOTORHEAD feel. the band played such songs as… war is hell, wild dogs, gravelord, bitch, nuke the cross and more. Next were the New Orleans band GOATWHORE who kicked out some evil ass metal with that sludge feel that’s just so evil. The band played songs like…. forsaken, chaos ave, vengeful ascension, apocalyptic havoc, baring teeth for revolt and more. Well GW are so killer live and just gives off a SABBATH, EYEHATEGOD, COC, slap in the face style of metal. VENOM is back in the states, this was my 1st time seeing them probably since the 80’s. Well, the lords of black metal played alot of killer stuff from… welcome to hell, die hard, warhead, war, black metal, son of Satan, don’t burn the witch and more. Well VENOM black metal sound still has elements of punk, death, rock all rolled in one evil sound. just a killer show. (BW) (see full review in issue 46 of the print issue)

BLACK DAHLIA MURDER / SUFFOCATION / NECROT and more 10/12/17 RAMS HEAD LIVE BALTIMORE, MD What a killer shows another dose of real metal. Up 1st was a band from Vancouver BC called WORMWITCH a 3 pc’s band who kicked out some oure evil metal with a dark sound of doom metal with hints of death metal added in, with just howling vocals. think Sabbath meeting VOIVOD. The Oakland / SF band NECROT were next and just played a killer set with gut ripping vocals and just a powerful hard and heavy sound that remind me of Phobia, Discharge, DOOM, with hints of crust punk, death metal, dbeat, just an aggressive assault of metal with brutal vocals and power. Well, NECROT played songs that included…. the blade, rather be dead, the abyss, empty hands, and more. just a killer band. i need to go out and buy the record.DECREPIT BIRTH from CA were next, this band were just fucking bad ass, with a singer who looked a bit like Manson meeting a hippie or stoner rocker. Bu Bill Robinson vocal were just so brutal with that deep growl and just a grinding guitar sound and machine gun drumming. The band cranked out what should be hits like..the infestation, metatron, the resonance, hieroglyphic, and more. Plus, the singer gets points for wearing on old school Black Flag shirt. Long Island’s SUFFOCATION is back in town and player yet another great set. this band mix tech metal, rock, hardcore, trash in just a powerful sound with hints of HATEBREED with a lot of great musicianship that almost have a jazzmetal feel. the band played songs like…thrones of blood, return to the abyss, pierced from within, funeral inception and more. just a killer band. Well BLACK DAHLIA MURDER out of Mich just got sick with some killer metal with a dirty and loud sound. Well BDM front man vocals are just so powerful that works will with this bands extreme metal assault that gives off a punk, hardcore, death metal, metal feel of chaos. the band played a cool set including songs like…widowmaker, contagion, nightbringers, miasma, abysmal, funeral thirst, i will return, everything went black, and more. Well BDM still remind me of bands like NEGATIVE APPROACH, MOTORHEAD, DRI, VOID, SLAYER just a killer show, with a great line up. (BW) full review in issue 46 print issue.

A few quick reviews on 7/27/17 saw a cool show at Metro Art Gallery with AGENT ORANGE and some local bands like CANKER BLOSSOM who have that DOLLY ROT feel. also, TEN WATCH and OLD BAY THRASHERS kicked out some punk rock / hardcore with the alternative rock band DINGLE BERRY DYNASTY playing as well. But AGENT ORANGE played all the hits from bloodstain, lasts goodbye, tearing us apart and more. NYC JUDAS PRIESTESS played the OTTO BAR on 8/18/17 this all-female band with Militia on vocals and Gyda Gash on guitar. Well JP played all the Priests hits, with Militia’s vocals that give the songs a more Tina Turner feels, added with Gyda evil guitar licks. Finally got to see them.

THE DAMNED review is up please search the DAMNED in the search box for the full reviews

UK SUBS reviews is up please search UK SUBS for the review

saw these cool bands in at the Side Bar on Jan 7th BEILICOSAS and BIDET both 2 punk bands who are worth catching Also saw horror punk idol Wednesday 13 doing his acoustic set playing songs from all his bands, still one of my favorite’s bands.

AGENT ORANGE / GUTTERMOUTH March SOUNDSTAGE Well after talk of some snow and ice this show was hanging on a string, the QUEERS didn’t show up. Well forgot the opening bands name who were killer with sort of a BRIEFS feel with more of a CA punk thing going on. Well, GUTTERMOUTH played yet another great show of wacky hi jinks punk rock and played such songs as….. chicken box, 123 slam, end of 9, lipstick and more. Mark looked a little trashed, but still a great front man. AGENT ORANGE are back, they played a punk house here a few months ago in a killer show, well this time they’re playing one of the biggest music venue in town. Well do to the weather the crowds were small, but AO played a killer set of songs alike everything turns grey, it’s a blur, America, breakdown, I kill spies, no such thing, bloodstains and more great songs. Well Perry the bass player from the lasts few tours hooked me up with a pass, he wasn’t on this tour, but the bass player from the killer band LOVE CANEL filled in.

MALICIOUS CODE / ENEMY INSECT / BODY PRESSURE / CLAW 3/18/17 SIDE BAR Another great punk show ENEMY INSECT were cool with a mixer of punk and metal. MALICIOUS CODE did another good set of punk / metal. BODY PRESSURE from TX were great with an assault of punk that was full of rage. CLAW just took it up with a style of punk that’s down and dirty the way I love it.

3/30/17 SIDE BAR another great punk show that featured BRAIN CASE, RAW FILTH who are always good, Baltimore’s newest punk band SYRINGE who were great just charged punk rock with 2 singers, think NAUSEA meeting AUS ROTTEN. ALEMENT from Phila played some bad ass punk as well.

THE MURDER JUNKIES / PAIN! 5/22/17 @ THE DEPOT BALTIMORE, MD Ok the MURDER JUNKIES are great friends of mine who play just killer real punk rock. Well up first was the local band PAIN! who were pretty good and played a mixer of originals and covers (MISFITS, DANZIG) but PAIN! just play cool horror punk. Well, THE MURDER JUNKIES are back in town and played a killer show to a small handful of people, Monday nights shows are rough even the Metro Gallery had a small turnout for a touring band as well. But THE MURDER JUNKIES played just a bad ass show doing a lot of killer songs about killers. Well even if this was GG old backing band this band have nothing to do with him, they play mostly all non GG era songs, so don’t be afraid go see them, and see some killer punk rock. (BW)


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