Here’s a few shows that we paid for and worth a mention

RAVEN 11-1-22 OTTO BAR BALTIMORE just a killer show with a small turn out but all 3 bands played killer sets. opening were ELECTRIC PROPHETS who played a good set of metal edge rock n roll. CYBER STRIKES were cool with sort of a DEATH ANGEL feel. Well, veteran metal band RAVEN who inspired 1000’s of bands just played a killer set. the turnout was small, but RAVEN played like this was the Garden or somewhere bigger. But RAVEN just played a killer set that included songs like… take control, the power, rock until you drop, battle zone, Star Wars, uxb, wipe out, and more almost 90 plus minutes.

6/30/22 had a killer show at Metro Gallery Baltimore with some killer bands SHADOWLAND from NYC were killer with sort of a metal / punk / crossover feel. the singer reminded me of a cross between Duana Cancer of 45 Graves meeting Texas Terri just killer. SANHEDRIN were just bad ass with an assault of metal that have a WARLOCK meeting MAIDEN feel with female fronted power. BAT just destroyed. Everything with some powerful metal that have hints of crossover, speed core, and thrash. Just a killer band. 9-10-22 at the Depot in Baltimore saw a killer band called MIDDLE-AGED QUEERS from SF who just played some killer punk rock like Pansy Division meeting Tribe 8 just FU punk rock with a lot of pop and snot. 7/3/22OTTO BAR just a 100% punk show at the old Otto Bar. GLUE TRAP played a killer set. BRAT from Baltimore just got insane with some DISCHARGE style punk rock, FUTURELAND played some bad ass punk rock with just an assault of machine gun punk. And SCARECROW just played some rapid fire destroy it all punk rock. just a killer show. 8/18/22 DEPOT another cool show. BRACEFACE played some cool pop punk with a more charged feel. MOERETE a 2pc hardcore band played some hardedge stuff that was cool. BAD IDOLS A 3 pc’s punk band from TN were killer as well as Baltimore’s own hard core punk band CONSTITURNTS who were great to finally see. 12/10/22 DEPOT Baltimore will this show featured 6 bands i was only able 2 see 3 of them. But FUPA GODDES from VA beach played a good set of punk / metal and pretty loud for a 2 pcs. NON-RESIDENTS just tore it up with some screaming death metal. ELECTRIC PROPHETS from Baltimore just kicked out some metal / rock n roll sickness with a lot of evil added in. (BW)


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