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SKISM “CAPITOL LIES” CD Street punk out of NYC with a mixer of hardcore and punk, OI! That have a hard hitting as well as some killer catchy songs as well. think KRAUT, BLITZ, THE KRAYS. (EX) PUNK (BW) / skismrocks facebook

MAD MULLIGANS “ACTION MAN” CD Punk rock out of NYC with that catchy street punx feel of fasts and pist punk with that drunken singalong feel. With members from THE KRAYS this band will give you some fast and loud rule punk rock like THE KRAYS, REAGAN YOUTH. (EX) PUNK ROTTEN BASTARD RECORDS.COM (BW)

RUIN BY DESIGN “V/A RECORDS” Ok, got a few records from Brien Stewart singer from RUIN BY DESIGN who are just a st8 ahead hardcore punk band from VA . Well Brien also was the singer in the VA / DC band LICKITY SPLIT and a few other bands. Well RUIN BY DESIGN just play killer hardcore with that catchy DC feel that have hints of west coast punk as well, even some NYHC thrown in as well. With a sound that give off a SCREAM, H20, DAG NASTY, 7 SECONDS feel. on the cd “From Ashes To Empowerment” you’ll find such songs as incite, arson, lifeline, set the pace, and more. While on the cd “Congregation 2015-20” you’ll find 22 killer songs like as we stand, defuse, chemistry, autumn black plastic, shooting star, fail safe, and more. also included was the cassette release of “Code Yellow” just a killer tape with songs like… eql, in service, kept, and more. While side b feature live from quarantine 2021 featuring song killer song. Well, this is just killer punk – hardcore with that stand up and fight feel. (EX) PUNK / HARDCORE (FACEBOOK IG)

SKISM “2021” CD Just brutal hardcore with just a raw fasts action sound of hard-hitting music that includes hints of OI!, street punk, and metal. Well, this band feature members of bands like… THE KRAYS, AMERICAN EAGLE, WRENCH, and the MAD MULLIGANS. Well this record roar like AF, MADBALL, SHEER TERROR, THE BUSINESS, and WARZONE with just a lot of power and rage straight out of NYC. (EX) HC facebook, spotify (BW)

TRASH BRATS “S/T” LP  Ok, the classics reissue of this 1991 release from the Detroit, Mich band TRASH BRATS. Will this reissue on I 94 RECORDS is full of all the hits and still sounds as killer and fun. The record features classic songs like…. don’t wanna dance, bubblegum girl, 3873Marlborough street, gas boy, smut, suit of armour, and more killer songs. Well, THE TRASH BRATS just played killer punk with a poppy punk, bubblegum punk, glam rock, rock n roll feel, with the same search and destroy sound as bands like…. THE STOOGES, DEAD BOYS, PEPPERMINT CREEPS, NY DOLLS with theirs own brand of catchy punk beats and a lot of sleaze. Just a classic record from a killer band who i really miss seeing playing live. (EX) PUNK / ROCK I 94 RECORDINGS (BW)

THE MAD MULLIGANS “WHO ARE” CD Just killer street punk out of NYC with a strong OI! feel that have the same 90’s fire as APA, THE BOILS, THE KRAYS Johnny other band, meeting an 80’s UK / US feel of bands like… IRON CROSS, AF, 4 SKINS, BLITZ. The band features johnny kray on vocals /guitar, wynn skism vox/bass, albee damned vox/guitar, who are sure to put some new fire on the NYC PUNK scene. Good stuff (EX) PUNK ROTTN BASTARD RECORDS / MAD MULLIGANS facebook – bandcamp (BW)

DOUBLE FISTED “1979′ CD Just killer raw punk rock with a brutal bad ass feel of pure evil and fasts punk rock. Well fans of 80’s era punk like RAW POWER, SMUT PEDDLERS, DR KNOW, DRI, FANG, PIGMY LOVE CIRCLE will love just punk rock nutz over this record. The song 1979 gives off a NO TREND ” Teen Love” sort of feel. Killer stuff. (EX) PUNK  BANDCAMP or RWA LLC PO BOX 1767 GLANDALE, AZ 85311 (BW)

THE GREAT KAT “666 HALLOWEEN MASHUP” DVD The queen of scream and just machine gun guitar licks is back with a new video. Well the song 666 Halloween mash up is just an attack of shredding guitars and screaming howls of terror like an overdose of speed metal meeting Bach with just a holocaust of terror, added to a SM/BD feel. Well GREAT KAT is just a guitar god who still kick out the mayhem. (EX) metal (BW)

UNBURIED “FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE” / “PRIMITIVE RW, UNDERGROUND” CD Two records from the VA death metal, metal, hardcore band UNBURIED who play just brutal raw metal with a mass murder feel and just sick vocals. Still killer with a grinding feel. (VG+0 METAL / HARDCORE UNBURIEDBANDMERCH@GMAIL.COM (BW)

GG ALLIN AND THE BULGE “LEGALIZE MURDER 7” 45 This was recorded between 88 and 90 and feature a GG classic Legalize Murder and 2 more suck my ass, interior depths all on piss yellow vinyl with art from Gaither. Just more classic GG. A must for any fan.  (EX) PUNK AX/CTION RECORDS / FUDGE WORTHY (BW)

DOUBLE FISTED 7″ 45 Pretty cool punk rock out of AZ. Well most of the songs on here are instrumental driven except for the song “lonely highway” that gives off a TSOL death rock feel. With the other songs having somewhat of a COC, RKL, AOD, JFA feel. nice. (VG+) PUNK DOUBLEFISTEDBANDCAMP.COM (BW)

UNDERCOVER SLUTS “HATERS GONNA HATE” CD This is just insane and powerful industrial rock n roll with hints of punk and death metal. Well the rock n roll assault of UCS will hit you like MANSON, NIN, MURDERDOLLS, CRADLE OF FILTH, MINISTRY, KMFDM, will just an evil sound of dark and heavy music. check em out (EX+) ROCK OFFENSIVE RECORDS (BW)

THE NEW BRUTARIANS “ROCK ME I’M A DADAIST” CD Well this ST Petersburg FLA band features Adam T from the old Baltimore band THE BEATINGS on vocs, guitar, piano and Christina Wright on drums. Well the new BRUTARIANS music is just a mixer of garage rock meeting 60’s punk with hints of The CYNICS, Stiv Bators, and just a rock n roll beat. (EX) ALTAMONTRECORDS.COM (BW)

FEA “ST” CD Just a killer band and this record is a favorite. Well FEA is a killer knockout band out of Texas with songs sung in English and Spanish with a powerful punch of punk rock. Well on this record you’ll find punk beats like… LUNACHICKS, SNAP-HER, CHOKED UP, TRIBE 8, ADOLESCENTS, THE BAGS, and BIKINI KILL. Just fresh punk rock with the true spirit of the 80’s. (EX+) BLACKHEART RECORDS (BW)

THE XILES “NO COMPLY” CD Pretty good punk rock out of MD that have a snotty safety pin feel meeting an 80’s mid–west USA feel. Good stuff. (VG+) PUNK LOOK FOR THEM ON BANDCAMP / IG/ FACEBOOK (BW)

SARAH SHOOK AND THE DISARMERS “YEARS” (digital) Ok, this is just a great record with just a bad ass country feel with a punk fire. Well SSATD have a sound and style that gives off a Wanda Jackson meeting Hank Williams feel with the attitude of Mike Ness Social Distortion. Well this record will destroy you with songs like… nails in my coffin, damned if i do, bottle never let me down and more. This is just alternative country with a punk fuck feel. (EX+) alternative / country /  folk / punk BLOODSHOT RECORDS (BW)

MURDER BY DEATH “THE OTHER SHORE” (digital) This is just good stuff with a dark edge and a haunting sound. Well MBD style reminds me of a bunch of kids who listen to bands like Nick Cave, Sisters Of Mercy, The Misfits, Samhain, Johnny Cash, REM, Tiger Army, Irish Pub rock and hooked on shows like Twin Peaks, or Tarantino movies. But this record feature killer songs like… chasing ghost, stone, bloom, i have arrived, and more. Well take a walk on the darkside and check this one out. (VG+) country / alternative rock BLOODSHOT RECORDS (BW)

YAWPERS “HUMAN QUESTION” (digital) Just cool stuff with hints of punk, glam, rock n roll power pop and just a down and dirty sound. OK this band have a sound that gives off so many cool elements you can hear ever thing from SONIC YOUTH, X, MURDER BY DEATH, TV VAMPS, MC5, some cowpunk, and more. really hard to pinpoint, but well worth looking into. (VG+) ALTERNATIVE BLOODSHOT RECORDS (BW)

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