Hopefully after the craziness in the world today, TOXIC FLYER ZINE should have 1 or 2 issues out and ready to sell. next issue 49# will feature DAYS N DAZE, SUBHUMANS, THE KRAYS, and maybe one more. Issue 50 will probably be an all photo issue.

THE YOU TUBE page is adding stuff so please check it out… Billy Whitfield or search TOXIC FLYER ZINE

See you at a punk or metal show soon

August 19 update

next issue of TOXIC FLYER ZINE print issue out this week with LORDS OF ACID cover and Interview. also check out the Lords of Acid interview now on the You Tube search Toxic flyer zine. issue 49 will feature a Krays interview and more tba later, look for a preview on the you tube channel this week. thanks for the support.

recent news summer 2018

we still have a TWITTER page search TOXIC FLYER ZINE, still have a YOU TUBE page you know where to search, a facebook page, still a print zine, still working on a book of photos the Film Years, still photographing shows, models, lifestyle, doing more art now here’s a sample also check out the IG page search billy_whitfield or toxic flyer zine too see more photos, art, stuff from the collection. working in a photo show soon. more to come.

look for prints soon. original maybe for sale soon check the ETSY Toxic Flyer Zine page to order zines, rare t shirts, art, photos,


the next issue of the zine is due out in late June/July (Print issue) with THE PROLETARIAT / CHRISTIAN DEATH / BARB WIRE DOLLS / NATIONAL RAZOR FDIC that issue #47 will have copies on the ETSY page.

Also just posted the BARB WIRE DOLLS interview on YOU TUBE adding the CHRISTIAN DEATH one this week search TOXIC FLYER ZINE