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OK this was a killer show with just an old school feel, opening things up were the Baltimore, MD band WARXGAMES who kicked out some old school hardcore with just a powerful feel, with just a brutal sound. Next another Baltimore band called MALICIOUS CODE kicking out some more brutal stuff with a BLACK FLAG feel with hints of metal added. Well BLOODCLOT featuring John Joseph (THE CROMAGS) on vocals along with Todd Youth (WARZONE / MURPHY’S LAW/ DANZIG/ DGENERATION / MOTORHEAD) and dozen more bands, with Nick Oliveri (QOTSA / DWARVES/ BLASTS) and Joey Castillo (BLASTS / QOTSA). Well BLOODCLOT have that CROMAGS feel along with a more punk to metal sound and power, The band played a killer set that were all BLOODCLOT songs that included songs like… up in arms, fire, kill the beast, soldiers, death of me and more killer songs. Well this is not the CROMAGS, but just another great band featuring John Joseph one of the best’s singers in punk / hardcore today. Also he’s book ” the evolution of a cro-magnon” is a great read.

Closing out the show were NEGATIVE APPROACH bring some old school Detroit punk to Baltimore once again. Well Brannon vocals are still raw and brutal and this guy still growls like a beasts on such songs as…. can’t tell no one, pressure, ready to fight, tied down, nothing, chaos, and more. still a great band. (BW)

photos by billy whitfield (negative approach / bloodclot )